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November 27, 2016 by
Jay Medley
When you’re planning a corporate event, it can be easy to rely on the same old ideas again and again. Happy hours, bowling, or dinners can get old quick – so why not plan something off the beaten path that your employees will be talking about for a while to come?

There are tons of great options in the Houston area, it’s just a matter of figuring out what will work best for your group. To help get your planning process started, we’ve compiled a few ideas that we think your employees would love.

A Paint and Sip

“Paint and Sips” are a great way to encourage your employees to do something creative all while enjoying themselves and bonding as a group.

These are characterized as an art class where each individual works on the same project – typically painting a piece of art – and enjoys the company of others as well as adult beverages at the same time.

These provide a great way to unwind after a long day and the great part is that each person gets to bring home a fun memento of the event at the end of it.

Painting With a Twist in Houston is not only the largest employer of artists in the country, but offers fun classes for groups that are sure to get the creative juices flowing!


Scavenger hunts

If you thought that scavenger hunts were designed just for kids – you were wrong! These events are fun ways to promote togetherness among employees, get people laughing, and to foster teamwork.

Watson Adventures specializes in facilitating corporate scavenger hunts that lead groups to fun places around town like museums, landmarks, and neighborhoods.

These also capitalize on the skills of all members of your team and are a fun way to boost morale and spark engagement in a new and unique way.


Indoor rock-climbing course

An indoor rock-climbing course is a fun way to not only promote employee wellness, but also encourage team building and increase communication skills.

Texas Rock Gym offers fun and revitalizing courses that can accommodate any group size or skill-level.

While these courses are indeed challenging both mentally and physically, they are designed to instill increased confidence and problem-solving skills in your employees that they can put to use in the office.

This is a unique activity that will be memorable and helps individuals bond over the fact that they are working towards a common goal.

Facilitating time for colleagues to bond, unwind, and get to know each other is an important part of developing your office’s culture and enhancing the environment of your organization.

To do something out-of-the-box, these three suggestions are a great place to start. They are all fun and appealing to a wide range of personalities and to people of virtually all ages.

Planning events such as these as opposed to just your run-of-the-mill happy hour is something that will leave employees with a memorable experience that they are bound to appreciate and rave about for a long time to come!

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