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March 14, 2017 by
Jay Medley
At the beginning of 2017, you saw the year ahead as many things: a fresh start, a host of resolutions, and renewed motivation for the year ahead.

Fitness and health resolutions are goals commonly made at the beginning of the year, yet between the comfort food that we tend to crave in the winter and coziness of our couches, it can be tough to stay motivated to work out as much as we would like in order to meet those goals.

However, there is a fun new craze that assists in keeping motivation levels heightened: bullet journaling.

Bullet journaling is an easy concept that is simple to keep up with. To explain the concept, it involves keeping a planner and short, easy notes revolving around your goals. You can use this system in several different ways when it comes to assisting in your fitness goals.

The first option is to make it visual! Why not make it colorful and fun to look at, right?! To do this, make a grid listing the days of the week on the columns and your various weekly goals in the rows on either end.

Then, color in each individual box for the day of the week that notes that you carried out the task associated with each goal. Make each goal a separate color for not only a great aesthetic but to create an easy-to-view visual of how many times you’re meeting your goals.

This makes it easy to see how you’re stacking up to where you want to be with just a glance, and you can look back over time to see how often you’re hitting the mark. Plus, it’s great motivation to carry out your goal one day at a time knowing you’ll be able to color in that little box in your journal!

Another fun idea is to write out daily goals as well as reflections. After all, statistics show that you are more likely to meet your goals if you write them down! One way to map out your reflections is to write down your favorite part of the day or a “peak and pit”.

Finally, you can use your bullet journal to track your exercise as well as your mood and any symptoms your body is having throughout the week. This makes it easy to view the week as a whole, see how you are measuring up against the routine you’re setting for yourself, and see where you need to improve in holding yourself accountable in order to meet the intentions you set at the beginning of the year.

Bullet journaling is as easy as that, and it is not only fun but very useful in tracking your progress over time. The best part about it is that you have the option of doing it however works best for you, and you can even change it up throughout the year.

It also is not very time consuming, making it easy to keep up with long term. However you decide to use it, it’s sure to make reaching your goals easier.

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