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November 9, 2016 by
Jay Medley
While the holidays are known as being “the most wonderful time of the year”, filled with parties, presents, and decorations, they can also be quite stressful as well.

There are many factors that lead to individuals feeling stressed, sad, or even depressed during the holiday months, and this is not something to be ignored at work among your employees.

In order to help employees through what can be an anxiety-ridden time, we are here to bring you through the contributing factors to this seasonal stress as well as how group activities are a great option to preventing and reducing it.


The Factors of Holiday Stress

Unrealistic expectations – holiday stress can be brought about for many reasons, one of those being unrealistic expectations.

Whether it is being held to crazy standards to make this holiday the “best yet” for family and friends or having expectations that will not be met, this could lead to seasonal depression and anxiety.

Financial pressures – the holidays are most certainly a time that our bank accounts take a hit, buying gifts for our loved ones. This could be quite stressful for some who are struggling to make ends meet or that are on a tight budget.

This could lead to embarrassment or the spending of money that is not in budget, leading to stress or depression.

Busy schedules – this is the time of year where people’s social calendars start to fill up with parties and gatherings to celebrate the season.

Between that, other personal commitments, and work – it can be stressful on a person to be running from place to place! This could also lead to individuals being worn out, irritable, or just plain exhausted.


How Group Activities Can Help

They are relaxing – group classes and activities are a way to do something relaxing together that gives you time to focus on yourselves and forget about the stresses of day-to-day life.

It creates an opportunity to bond and connect – a group activity with colleagues allows for colleagues to bond and connect with one another in ways they might not be able to in the office.

This can spur a more personal connection or meaningful relationship between co-workers that will inspire them to open up to one another.

This could also prompt co-workers to become a good support group for one another in stressful times, like the holiday season.

It’s fun! – the best part about these classes for a group of employees is that they are fun! They will inspire the group to interact with each other differently than they do in the office, and this can promote employee engagement and team-building that has a positive effect on working relationships. In turn, the culture of your business will be improved overall.

Call Texas Rock Gym today to get ahead of the holiday stress for your employees. Show them you truly care by planning a fun event that allows them to focus on their health and happiness, all while bonding with co-workers and improving your office culture.

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