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November 11, 2016 by
Jay Medley
The American Chiropractic Association reports that as much as 80% of the population will experience a back problem at some point in their lives and that Americans spend at least $50 billion each year on back pain.

Yoga is a wonderful way to improve posture and combat a common problem that plagues your employees, especially given they are sitting at a desk all day.

Hunching over a computer certainly can have a long term effect on our spines, so as employers it is important to do everything we can to increase the health of our employees and decrease the risk of back problems. Yoga has many posture related benefits. Learn about them here.


How Yoga Improves Posture

Different poses have different benefits

The practice of yoga includes so many different poses, each of them doing different things for your body. There are many poses that work to improve posture, and because yoga is so “versatile”, people of all skill levels can participate it and find a way for it to aid in their back pain woes.

Common poses such as Chair Pose, Upward Dog and Warrior Pose all have positive effects on posture.

It targets different body parts

Bad posture doesn’t just affect your back, although that is the first thing that most people think of. It also plagues your shoulders and neck, causing considerable pain across your body.

Hunching over a computer at a desk can negatively affect these body parts, but yoga targets a wide range of body parts while you are practicing it to offer relief.

Attending a class can teach your employees poses they can use in the future to help aid in this continued pain as it occurs.


How to Improve Your Employees’ Posture

Hosting a group activity is a great way to inspire and encourage your employees to improve their posture. Poor posture is said to have a negative effect on the mood and self esteem of your employees and it can also raise stress levels.

Additionally, having ideal posture is a way for individuals to be healthier overall, as having good posture can assist in burning an extra 350 calories per day. Another somewhat surprising added benefit is that good posture can improve one’s memory and brain.

Enabling your employees to improve their posture will not only show that you value their wellness, but that as their employer, that you care about them as people.

A yoga class is a fun group activity that will spur bonding as well as the enhanced wellness of your workers. It serves as a great team building activity that can even inspire them to be more fit and healthier in general.

Call Texas Rock Gym today to learn more about our yoga classes and to sign up for one with colleagues today. We have top-notch instructors who are highly knowledgeable about the practice of yoga and can adjust the classes to match a mix of skill levels.


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