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December 28, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Especially during the winter when comfort foods are craved heavily – hello creamy soups, crusty bread, and cheesy pasta!

Finding the motivation to stay on track with your fitness and weight loss goals can be tough. Even forcing yourself to leave the house to hit the gym can be a challenge!

But, because we know it’s important to you to stay on track, we want to help however we can. That’s why we’ve put together this guide that explains how to create your very own inspiration board.

This is a simple visual idea that allows you to stay motivated to go to the gym, eat healthy, and stay on the path towards reaching your goals and living a healthy lifestyle. Take a look at the key elements and tips to making your own here.


How to Create an Inspiration Board to Help Stay on Track

Include your goals

One way to make your inspiration board a helpful one is to type or write out your goals and include them on there. Seeing these everyday will do nothing but motivate you to do whatever it takes to meet them!

Include role models

Maybe you look up to a top athlete or aspire to have a body that resembles that of a supermodel.

Whoever you admire, including a picture of them on your board will increase your drive towards meeting your goals and will inspire you to work towards them diligently each and every day.

Use motivational quotes

While some people may find them to be corny, motivational quotes can have quite the effect on our minds when we see and read them.

Including your favorite quotes on your board that have personal meaning to you or that you know help to motivate you can increase the likelihood that you will stick to your plans and meet your goals even quicker.


List the potential rewards

You have to reward yourself for good behavior and hard work, right?!

Listing out the rewards that you have to look forward to when you stick to your workout and eating plans can help give you the motivation you need to hit the gym and eat healthy.

Use it to write out your weekly schedule

Writing your workout schedule on your board each week can be useful in holding yourself accountable to what you set out to do. Put your board somewhere where others can see it so you will have a heightened sense of accountability to sticking to it, too!

Make it digital

Making your board so that it can go everywhere with you makes it easy to use it for inspiration whenever you need it.

If it’s the end of the day at work and you’re contemplating skipping the gym, having a board on Pinterest allows you to look at the board on the go and get the motivation you need when you need it.

Inspiration boards are fun to put together and very useful in helping you stick to your goals. Stay motivated and you will love the results.

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