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December 15, 2016 by
Jay Medley
The holidays are filled with what seems like endless temptations, especially when it comes to eating and drinking. From champagne to wine, from savory appetizers to five course meals to luscious desserts – there is no escaping the calories associated with the holiday season.

And, to be honest, who wants to miss out on the flavors of the season?

Whether you love apple pie, eggnog, mashed potatoes, cheesecake, or a little bit of everything, we know that you want to enjoy your favorites.

But…we also realize that you don’t want to deal with the guilt associated with unhealthy eating. So how can you stay on top of your health and fitness while simultaneously enjoying yourself?

Luckily, we have tips for doing both.


How to Indulge This Holiday Season While Sticking to Your Fitness Plan

Use technological tools

With so much technology at our fingertips, there is no excuse not to use it to stay on track. Take advantage of activity trackers to hold yourself accountable to getting the exercise you need in order to indulge, guilt-free.

Also, there are countless apps to be used on phones and iPads to track and plan meals in order to stay on track outside of holiday gatherings.

Use the buddy system

Enlisting in the help of a friend or family member is a great way to keep on the right path this holiday season.

Having someone to workout with or hold you accountable to eating healthy when you can and making it to the gym can make a seemingly impossible task much easier.


All things in moderation

While you want to enjoy your holiday favorites, that doesn’t mean you have to binge. At each party or meal, set limits for yourself in order to stay in control and to avoid overeating.

Use the typical references and rules, such as not eating too fast to ensure you are not eating past the point of being full, using smaller plates to avoid overeating, and still getting in your daily fruits and veggies.

Don’t give up other healthy habits

Just because you are having more cheat meals doesn’t mean the rest of your healthy habits should go out the window.

Still visit the gym regularly, drink plenty of water, get ample fruits and veggies in, and keep your protein intake up.

This will curb your hunger at parties and gatherings, making you less likely to overeat. Finally, it will keep you on track overall.

Make workouts fun

When it’s hard to workout, it may be time to try something new and exciting. Try a new class or course or change up your normal workout routine.

This could restore your motivation and make it easier to push through the temptation to skip your fitness routines during the busy hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Despite the tendency to get off track and gain weight during the holidays, if you stick to your plans and use these helpful hints you will be sure to stay on the path to fitness and health success.

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