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November 10, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Namaste! Yoga is all the rage in the fitness world for its wide array of health and wellness benefits, so why not allow your employees to take advantage of its benefits as well as use it as a team-building activity?

We are proud to offer yoga classes at our gym and attending a class together is a great way to relax. We have also put together a comprehensive guide of the benefits of yoga and why it is the perfect team-building activity to consider.


The health benefits of yoga

It reduces stress

Yoga has been cited to reduce stress in those who practice it. The practice modulates the stress response system and, in turn, reduces heart rate, lowers blood pressure, and eases the respiratory system.

Additionally, experts have uncovered signs that yoga helps increase heart rate variability, which helps the body respond to stress more easily.

It improves mood

Yoga is said to be a natural mood booster to those that participate in it regularly. The Harvard Business Review cites a German survey that tracked 24 women who described themselves as “emotionally distressed” and took two 90-minute yoga classes per week for three months.

At the end of the trial, the women reported improvement in their mood and well being – with depression scores improved by 50%, anxiety scores by 30%, and overall well-being scores by 65%.

It improves posture

While many of us spend all day sitting at a desk, that can be hard on our backs, muscles, and posture. Yoga is a proponent for improving posture and can help combat against our sedentary lifestyle at the office.

What Makes it a Great Team Building Activity

It builds confidence

Yoga takes a great deal of strength and the experience is different for each individual. However, at the end of the class, while everyone’s experience varied, all colleagues underwent the same challenge.

Yoga is a great way for employees to grow together and build confidence simultaneously.

It brings good vibes

Yoga is known to bring a sense of spiritual and emotional peace to those who practice it. Instilling those vibes in colleagues brings a sense of calm to the workplace, overall satisfaction, and increased morale.

It boosts energy levels

Especially towards the end of the year and beginning of the winter, energy levels in the office can dip leaving people feeling fatigued and even unmotivated.

Yoga is known to energize its participants, which will leave your employees feeling alive and ready to rock at work!


Set up your team session today!

Now that you’ve learned about the benefits of a yoga classes, sign up for one today! We have a robust schedule that can be found on our website to find a time that works for you and your colleagues.

These classes are for all skill-levels, so even a beginner can participate. Call us to learn more!

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