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Kids Birthday Party – Rock Climbing, Games, & Fun
Why Host a Kids Birthday Party At Texas Rock Gym?

Texas Rock Gym is the perfect venue to host a kids birthday party in Houston. We have been hosting kids birthday parties for Houston’s youth since 1996. If you’re looking for a fun, unique and inexpensive way to celebrate a kids birthday party, you came to the right place!

It would be hard to find a more memorable place to host kids a birthday party with friends and family. We will make your child’s next birthday something special. Indoor rock climbing is unique and makes any birthday party an adventure they will never forget. All of our packages for kids birthday parties are fun for the kids, and easy on the parents too. We have two packages for your birthday party listed below. If you need something not included, we’re happy to help you find the best way to spend your special day. A birthday party at TRG is a cool, unique, way to celebrate, and all the kids will remember forever.

We can even customize your birthday party with contests and challenges the kids will love.  Here’s a link to some cool birthday party ideas from Martha Stewart and some more goodie bag ideas for rock climbing themed parties on Pinterest.

Once you are ready to book your kids birthday party give us a call so we can make sure everything is set for your special day.

Pinnacle Party (Our Best Value!)

This birthday party package does it all for you. Completely turn-key, it includes everything but the presents:

  • A large party room for up to 2 hours
  • Table cloths, cups, plates and napkins
  • Your choice of:
    • Pizza or turkey wrap sandwiches
    • Cupcakes or a decorated sheet cake
    • Juice boxes or bottled waters
  • Party bags for the little guests
  • Texas Rock Gym tee shirt for the birthday child
  • Climbing gear usage
  • We hold the ropes (belay) for your young climbers

When you host a kids birthday party with Texas Rock Gym, we make sure our party room is clean and decorated by the time you arrive. It’s big enough that we can host a birthday party for 50 or more kids. Everyone can easily fit in our party room to sing the birthday song. Just make sure your guests fill out waivers, arrive on time, and then step back and leave the rest to us. Parents are encouraged to stay to cheer on the kids or just visit with other parents in our comfortable lounge area.

We start the climbing session with a short course we call the Climb Safe class. This is a must for all paries and first-time customers. Everyone gets fitted with climbing gear and then we show them how to climb properly. We provide a hands-on climbing demonstration and cover the important safety tips with the kids.

For the rest of the time, our staff of experienced climbers will belay them in small groups so that every kid that wants to climb gets plenty of time on the walls. They will learn some basic climbing skills and terms, and how to spot the many different climbing routes.

Each child will get plenty of coaching and encouragement. We find that the positive reinforcement and tips from an experienced climber helps them to climb past their personal limitations. Parents are frequently overwhelmed to see what their kids are actually capable of.

When everyone is done climbing, the special birthday girl or boy gets a cool Texas Rock Gym shirt signed by all of their friends. Each guest also gets a fun climbing party favor bag to take home. We know how to host a kids birthday party at Texas Rock Gym!

Once the party is finished, we take care of all the cleanup. You can just go home, relax, and hear all the chatter about the awesome time everyone had.

# of Climbers Price
10 $425
15 $600
up to 20 $725

A 50% deposit reserves your spot

Climbing shoes and chalk are also available with an extra charge. Although optional they have been known to significantly improve ones skill on the climbing wall. Sticky toes and dry hands help make the climbing experience more enjoyable.

On the Rocks Party

This is our BYOP (bring your own party) way to host a kids birthday party at TRG. It’s more affordable because you’re actively involved the whole time. If you like to bring your own decorations and refreshments then you may do so. Of course we will be glad to help you carry your supplies in from the car. Our large party room is yours for the next two hours to celebrate and open presents.

Once the celebration is over, we start the climbing session with a short course we call the Climb Safe class. Everyone will be taught the basic skills and terms between a belayer (that’s the person holding the rope) and a climber.

Any of your adult or teen guests over 12 can belay for your kids. This includes a harness and belay class for an adult for every five kids. Your children will learn to push past personal boundaries with determination. They will be encouraged by friends and encourage them in return.

For an extra charge, climbers can rent climbing shoes and chalk bags. These items are completely optional, but they can significantly boost abilities on the climbing wall.

# of Climbers Price
10 $300
15 $400
up to 20 $500

A 50% deposit reserves your spot.

Payment must be made all at once. No split checks, please.


Our kids birthday party packages are pretty popular so please be on time! We book back to back on most weekends so we need to start right on schedule. Having guests arrive on time is essential. We strongly encourage everyone to arrive at least 15 minutes early.

The Climb Safe class will only be taught once and it is required to participate. We want everyone to know how to be safe when climbing. Late arrivals could be delayed until the next general Climb Safe class is on the schedule, possibly an hour after the start of your party. To ensure that everyone can have a good time please do not be late.

Other Important Notes:

  • Climbers must be at least 7 years old
  • To Belay you must be at least 12 years old
  • We want everyone to be safe, please encourage a few adults to help us monitor your kids
  • Waivers must be signed by the parent or legal guardian of participants
  • Relax and have fun! We’ve been doing this for years.