Overnight Lock In Parties

If you’re looking to do something unique, fun, and exciting with a youth group, why not host an all nighter at Texas Rock Gym. They’ll never stop talking about it. Friends get to stay up all night long to play activities and climb our cavernous walls. This is a memorable way to strengthen the connections within your group.

  • Church youth groups looking for an unconventional kick off to a new year or bond with friends in a safe yet exciting environment.
  • Perfect for scout leaders seeking something out of the ordinary and unforgettable.
  • Too many ‘I’s on your sports team?
  • For an extra charge add a few fun and eye opening team-building activities during your night at the Rock Gym.

All you do is bring the kids to the gym between 10:30 and 11:00 PM and then pick them up at 7:00 am the next morning. Our experienced climbing instructors will start off the night with our most popular Climbing 101 class including a climbing demonstration. We provide all the gear your kids will need. They will have the entire place all to themselves. Everything including the climbing walls, boulder cave and fitness room.

We will train your adults how to belay for your kids. We suggest you plan to have one adult to belay for every 5 kids. Adults will be responsible to make sure the kids follow safety rules.

#Kids Cost:
20 $600
25 $750
30 $900

Our facility can accomodate larger groups so give us a call to talk about your needs.

A 50% nonrefundable deposit will lock in your reservation. Please be sure your group is on board before booking. We prefer to book overnights by phone or in person at the gym so give us a call to schedule for your group. Overnights are offered every night, but Friday and Saturday always fill up first, so book early.

Midnight snack (10 person minimum):

Active kids get thirsty and hungry for a midnight snack. Food Tickets are $10 per person:

Pizza and Coke: includes 2 slices and a soft drink.

Overnight Extras:

If your group is extra adventurous or active then you can select up to two extra activities listed below. Each activity adds $100 to the event cost.

  • Slack Line
  • Milk Crate Stacking
  • Team Building Activities
  • Fitness Challenge
  • Lead Climbing and Falling Demonstration
  • Bouldering 101 Class

Questions or comments? Contact us using the form below.