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Rates & Membership Info

Daily Rates

We’ve got a package to meet the needs of every climber. They are listed right here so you can choose before you come in. BUT, never fear, if you are the type who likes to have things explained by a real live TRG employee, then just ring us during open times @ (713) 973 –ROCK (7625)

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DONT FORGET: Be sure to complete your online Texas Rock Gym waiver to speed up your check-in when you arrive ready to climb.

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First-Time Climbing Packages


  • An unlimited All-Day Pass, Harness Rental, and a ClimbSafe class. This is all you need to climb on over 45 top ropes and hundreds of thrilling routes!


  • All of the above, as well as climbing shoes and rental chalk. These items are tremendously helpful, but optional. This is EVERYTHING you might want on your first day!

The Works is EVERYTHING you will need to truly get the very best experience on the walls!

Single Item Pricing

Day Pass

  • All day climbing access for top roping, lead climbing and bouldering areas. Climb safe classes and top roping belay tests do not require a climbing partner. Lead climbing tests require climbing and belaying partner. No one under 14 years is permitted to belay.

Harness Rental

  • Harnesses are required for both the climber and belayer to wear whenever using a rope in the gym. It really is the best way to stay attached to your climbing rope. So bring your own, or just rent one of ours.

ATC Belay Device

  • ATC Belay devices provide rope friction for belaying. It acts as a brake, so that when a climber falls with slack in the rope, the fall is brought to a stop. Device rentals are free to qualified belayers with the purchase of a day pass. Please be prepared to leave a valid ID or car keys with us as a deposit.

Climb Safe Class

  • A Climb Safe Class is mandatory for those who do not already know how to belay with a tube-style belay device. You will learn the basics of top rope climbing and belay skills so you can enjoy this sport and everything it has to offer. The class covers basic climbing safety and explains the TRG route system so you can find routes that fit your climbing experience. This class is required to participate in Climbing 102 or higher.

Shoe Rental

  • Climbing shoes are strongly recommended but not required. The soles of climbing shoes are a soft sticky rubber making it a ton easier to climb. If you do not rent climbing shoes, you will want to wear snug fitting athletic shoes.

Chalk Bag

  • Dry chalk powder in a bag. The same stuff used by gymnasts and competition weight lifters to keep a solid grip.

10-Visit Prepay Passes

Save money by purchasing 10 day passes all at once. Unused visits (day passes) are electronically stored in your account, and do not expire. Great for people who live far away and can’t come as often as they’d like.

10 visits with shoes, harness, and chalk rental $240.00
10 visits without equipment $170.00

Discounted Membership Options

When you become a member of Texas Rock Gym you get unlimited climbing access and extended climbing hours – it’s our best value! Come in and climb anytime the gym is open. As added benefits, enjoy free access to our Yoga classes taught by a variety of instructors, Kung Fu and Tai Chi, and discounted access to Primal Fitness.

There are basically two types of memberships to choose from:

1-Month Unlimited Climbing Pass

This is our month to month unlimited climbing pass available for purchase at the front desk. Memberships can also be purchased for a year at a time, at a discount. These are available for individuals only. Family memberships are also available for discount on a monthly or yearly basis. Please get in touch with us using the form at the bottom of this page for family pricing.

Individual pricing below…

Individual Per Month Per Year (Save 20%)
$110.00 $1056.00

Unlimited Climbing Pass Subscription

The Unlimited Climbing Pass Subscription is our premium membership option featuring monthly or annual automatic draft payments. It offers a more options for those with a family. All subscriptions must be set up with a valid credit/debit card. There isn’t any contract to sign. You can cancel at any time with a 30 day notice. (See below for instructions to request a cancellation or to freeze a membership.)

There is also a $50 enrollment fee per person. If your subscription is cancelled or terminated, you will have to pay the start up fee again.

Membership include full and early access to Texas Rock Gym, 2 guest passes a month (restrictions apply) and one free access pass to any of our classes per week. You can take classes such as Yoga, Tai Chi, Fitness and Kungfu. You also get member-only discounts to any clinics and workshops we offer. Members of the same household may join at a discounted rate provided they can prove current residence status. A drivers license or current utility bill works.

Individual $75.00
Additional Member 14 years or older $50.00
Additional Member 13 years or younger $30.00

Click Here To Request a Cancellation or Freeze Membership

We can freeze memberships for up to 12 months for $10 per month to avoid having to start a new membership (avoiding startup fee).