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January 13, 2017 by
Jay Medley
Fad diets are all around us – from celebrities who endorse the Atkins diet to the “beach body” coaches on our Facebook feed advertising the 21 Day Fix it can be hard to steer clear of the vast range of them that exist.

And while some of us are into the idea and take advantage of them, others write them off as a trend that will be gone sooner than we can say “step on the scale”.

Although it seems as though opinions of these diets are split down the middle, there are certainly ups and downs to participating in these popular diets. Take a list of our top reasons to participate in one to kick off 2017.


They’re a good way to hit “reset”

Did you indulge during the holiday season, gorging yourself on cocktails, desserts, and hot chocolate alike? Honesty hour – so did we, and we know you’re probably feeling it now, just like we are.

Between the hustle and bustle of the holidays and seemingly endless stream of food and drinks, it can be tough to stick to your usual diet and exercise plan.

Jump-starting the year with a diet that is restrictive to certain foods and drinks can be a good way to hit your internal reset button, clearing your system of all of the toxins you ingested over the Christmas season.

They’re easy

One great thing about fad diets is that they are easy! When you follow one, you have all the parameters of what to do, what to eat and not eat, how long to exercise, and what is strictly off limits already planned out for you.

Especially if you’re busy and looking for something that doesn’t involve a lot of thought and planning on your end, this is a great option.

They allow you to drop weight quickly

If you’re feeling bloated and like your pants are tighter than usual after a few too many gingerbread men cookies, you may be looking to shed some pounds fast.

Or maybe you’re gearing up for a tropical winter vacation and don’t want to strut around in your bathing suit with the holiday weight in tow.

Whatever the reason, if you’re looking to drop some LBs in a rush, fad diets are typically designed for “as instant as possible” gratification when it comes to weight loss.

Since these diets tend to be highly restrictive on what you can eat, they allow participants to drop weight quickly and to see fast results.


They help you to get back on track

Besides hitting your body’s reset button, these diets help you to detox from your bad eating habits that you may have picked up over the holidays.

Since fad diets typically limit your junk food intake in a bad way, these are a good way to kick the habits and to jump back on the healthy eating bandwagon.

As you can see, there are definitely pros to starting 2017 with one of these diets! Look out for our upcoming post detailing why to steer clear to get the full picture of whether or not a fad diet is for you.

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