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April 10, 2017 by
Jay Medley
Balance boards – also referred to as “wobble boards” – are a workout accessory that have been rising in popularity, especially as of late.

With a simple design, they’re a workout tool that lack complexity but still manage to pack some serious punch. They have a flat, hard top that rests atop an uneven, rounded bottom. To use them, you stand on the flat top, forcing yourself to balance the entire time you remain on the board.

These boards boast a wide range of benefits to your bodies when you use them to exercise – read on to learn all about them and to decipher if they may be the right tool for you!

The Benefits of Balance Boards

Improved coordination

If you’re looking to increase your coordination skills, using a balance board is the perfect way to do it! Because staying balanced as you stand on it requires the whole of your body to work together to stand up and not stumble, it can severely improve your coordination after repeated use.

This could be particularly useful for athletes who are looking to sharpen their hand-eye coordination skills. Additionally, this makes balance boards a great tool for kids to use to develop their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination from an early age.

Injury prevention

Research shows that using a balance board can actually prevent common injuries brought on by other forms of exercise. Especially when it comes to improving ankle stability, the repeated use of a balance board strengthens ankles, decreasing the effect of repeated pressure on your ankles when you participate in activities like running.

Brain benefits

Believe it or not, balance boards can improve your mental acuteness! This is because a good sense of balance and well-suited posture practices can have wonderful benefits. These include improved mental focus and sharpness, enhanced verbalized speech, and heightened oral comprehension.

Studies also show that improved balance and coordination can improve concentration levels as well as language development. Finally, balance and physical acuteness can help you learn more efficiently. Who would have thought exercise could make you more efficient during the work day, right?!

Overall physical fitness

Using a balance board regularly in your fitness routine can – overall – make you more physically fit. Balance boards allow you to use your own bodyweight to create the resistance you need to burn more calories using smaller, intricate movements in a quicker method than other, more traditional forms of exercise.

The act of achieving stability on these boards is what’s challenging – but it’s also what makes a difference physically. Using a balance board regularly will also serve to increase your agility, increase your reaction time, and allows you to isolate specific muscles that you wish to tone and work specially.

There you have it! These boards may not be anything fancy – but they sure are effective when it comes to sharpening your physique and mental and physical skills. Try one today amidst your workout routine to reap the benefits we’ve mentioned above and more.

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