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November 10, 2016 by
Jay Medley
As we discussed in our recent article about the toll a lack of engagement can take on a business, it is a vital part of your company. In order to maximize the productivity and effectiveness of your employees, employee engagement must be present.

Texas Rock Gym works to promote your employees being well-engaged, motivated, and enthusiastic about their jobs through our group activities.

We offer several different options that we believe play a large part in bringing groups together and making your business culture a better place to be.

Before we tell you more about our courses, though, we wanted to take you through the benefits of increased engagement so that you can see all of the great things it could do for your organization.


The Benefits of Increased Employee Engagement

It increases productivity

According to the Harvard Business Review, increased employee engagement enriches the productivity level in your office.

In fact, a survey of 1.4 million employees revealed that those with better engagement were 22% more productive throughout the workday. That could mean a lot of additional revenue for your business.

A lower employee turnover rate – retaining top talent is a vital part of keeping your organization running smoothly and keeping costs down.

The Harvard Business Review cites that organizations that trend towards “higher turnover” reported 25% less turnover when employee engagement spiked, and business with “lower turnover” reported 65% less turnover in cadence with higher engagement.

Those are staggering numbers, and that increased retention could save your company a lot of time and money, too.

Increased workplace health overall

Organizations that reported having a higher level of employee interaction also seemed to have a healthier environment overall.

The Harvard Business Review cites that higher scoring businesses on the engagement scale also had 48% fewer safety incidents. This is another way to save your company money and keep employees happier.

Increased employee satisfaction

The more engaged, involved, and enthusiastic employees are about the organization and the role they play in it, the more satisfied they will be with their job.

It’s as simple as that. People who have great interactions and a wonderful attitude, and who are around those who radiate positivity, are more likely to be loyal to your company and put forth a larger effort towards getting things done.


How A Group Activity Can Help

A group activity can push your employees to bond in a way they have not before, and – in turn – prompt further engagement in and outside of the office.

We offer rock-climbing courses that will challenge your employees to work towards a common goal. These courses can be modified to fit any skill level or group size, and we have expert instructors who will make the class fun, exciting, and effective in reaching the goal of increasing employee engagement.

Call us today to learn more and plan out the logistics of your group fitness class.

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