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Intense workouts are sure to bring one thing: sweat – lots of sweat. And as gross as it is, it’s almost completely unavoidable. And when you’re in the thick of a hot yoga class or intense cardio session, we know that the last thing that you want to worry about it whether or not you smell.

During a workout, you should be able to focus on one thing only: your body and your progress on your individual fitness journey. So don’t let perspiration get in the way – check out our guide to the best deodorants to stand up to the sweat that accompanies a great workout.

The Best Deodorants for Ladies

Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant

Dove has an amazing line of dry spray deodorants for women, and they come in a variety of scents. Whether you want something clean and neutral or more of a floral springy fragrance, they’ve got you covered.

We love this for a gym session because it’s easy to apply and it doesn’t leave any pesky white marks all over your favorite gym clothes. Most importantly, it actually works at deterring sweat.

Lavanila Laboratories The Healthy Deodorant

Available in an alluring vanilla scent, this is a natural deodorant that actually works. And besides warding off sweat during even your toughest gym visits, natural deodorants are good for your body as they don’t contain harmful substances, and they use natural antibacterial ingredients to help kill the bacteria that causes the sweaty odor.

Secret Clear Gel Antiperspirant

Secret is one of the most reliable and well-known deodorant brands, and it surely is a great choice to stand up to the test of a sweaty workout! The gel makes it even tougher than the normal variety, allowing gals to stay dry and confident throughout the entirety of their exercise class.

The Best Deodorants for Men

Arm & Hammer Ultramax

This is another well-known brand that is reliable enough to ensure that even the toughest man stays dry and fresh during a workout.

Baking soda is the main ingredient in this selection – no surprise there – which neutralizes the odor that sweat causes. This works for an impressive time span – up to 24 hours!

Molton Brown Sport

Made especially for an active lifestyle, this is a stick that stands up to the test of sweat to say the least. While this is a pricier option, it is well worth the splurge.

All of the offered scents smell amazing and this product has received countless reviews that affirm that it does its job – covers up odor and stops sweat in its tracks!

Burt’s Bees Natural Deodorant

This is a natural deodorant option that allows men to stay fresh and clean without any harmful substances touching their bodies. This is rated one of the most effective natural men’s deodorants on the market, warding off odor and sweat.

However, note that after applying it, men should wait a few minutes before getting dressed so that it may be absorbed and to avoid staining clothes.

There you have it! Deodorant is a small thing that makes a big difference when it comes to staying confident and comfortable during a workout, so use this as a guide to finding your best match.

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