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June 9, 2017 by
While we recently posted about how to declutter your home, another important part of spring cleaning involves decluttering your mind. This is an important part of being healthy and happy, too!

A cluttered mind can lead to stress, anxiety, or the feeling of being overwhelmed. As you glide into the laid-back season of summertime, you should feel footloose and fancy free rather than weighed down by stresses clouding your brain.

Keep reading about simple methods that you can use to declutter your mind, little by little and day by day. This will do wonders to making you feel happier, healthier, and to have more room in your life for things to add to your overall wellness or things that are just plain fun!

The Best Ways to Declutter Your Life this Spring – Mind Edition

Go through your social media friend lists

We all have tons of friends on social media sites like Facebook that we don’t even really know any more. Yet day after day, we scroll through their feeds and see their updates, photos, and statuses.

Going through and removing friends will declutter your feed and allow you to see more of things that are actually engaging and meaningful to you as you scroll. This may seem silly, but it’s definitely something that will declutter your mind, even if you don’t always realize it in the moment.

Start a journal

Getting your thoughts down on paper is a great way to empty your mind of items that are bothering you and to make room for happier and stress-free thoughts. This can apply to worrisome, happy, sad, or even just random thoughts, and you don’t need to do this in an organized way.

It’s also helpful to write out lists of things you need to do or remember in order to feel more organized and to have less of a weight on your shoulders.

Examine your sleep habits

Believe it or not, your sleep habits can have a large effect on your mental state. Just taking the time to examine both the amount of sleep you get on a nightly or weekly basis and what your sleep habits are can be enough to spur a change that will make a big difference in your mood and mental state.

Enjoy nature

Getting fresh air and sunshine can do wonders for helping you feel more at ease and relaxed. Go for a walk, visit the beach, or even watch the rain as it falls through a window.

Taking the time to slow down and enjoy nature – without thinking about things like work, family, or other things that can be considered stressors – can calm you more than you can imagine!

Spring is a great time to incorporate some decluttering into your life, whether that means in your home, within your mind, or both. This will aid in your healthy lifestyle, especially when paired with frequent gym visits and a healthy diet.

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