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November 28, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Low morale can act as a plague in your workplace, prompting moody or depressed employees, spurring internal conflict, – or even prompting employees to leave your company in search of a more satisfying work environment.

To avoid this in your office, it’s important to understand the dangers of low morale and what you can do to combat it.

The Dangers of Low Office Morale

Low employee engagement

When morale dips among employees, engagement will fall as well. This poses a danger to your company as less engaged employees means a lessened flow of communication and ideas, and in turn a suffering business environment.


Increased absenteeism

When employees do not feel happy in their job, their mental health can be at risk. Decreased happiness and increased stress can even affect one’s physical health and wellness.

This will lead to more employees being unexpectedly out of the office due to health and wellness issues.

This poses as a danger to your business as you need your employees to be physically there to carry out their jobs and in turn, contribute to the overall success of your organization.

High turnover rates

When employees are dissatisfied with their job, office culture, and work environment they are more likely to leave your organization in search of a more gratifying job.

High turnover in employees is damaging to your business as it drives up the cost of recruiting and training initiatives and can also harm your business’ reputation as a whole.

What can be Done About Low Morale?

The Gallup Organization estimates that there are currently 22 million “disengaged” employees, which can cost the economy as a whole up to $350 billion per year in lost productivity.

With that being said, it is clear that something must be done about low morale rates in order to save your organization from harmful costs that can be avoided.

To do so, team building activities are effective in several aspects.


First, they help spur improved communication between teammates, which can negate internal conflict that could be contributing to low morale.

Second, they are a fun way to help promote problem solving skills in collaborative skills. The more comfortable teammates feel interacting with each other at work, the happier they will be.

Finally, teammates that have the chance to participate in these activities will undoubtedly build relationships and form stronger bonds through these activities.

Promoting meaningful relationships in the workplace is a sure-fire way to increase employee morale and improve the culture of your office.

Clearly there are important benefits associated with team-building activities for your employees.

Texas Rock Gym offers fun, exciting, and challenging courses that will allow all of the above-mentioned benefits to take place in your office.

To plan your event or learn more about our diverse range of options, call us today to learn more.

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