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February 15, 2017 by
Jay Medley
When you have a busy life filled with work, personal commitments, family, and friends, it can be very tough to keep on top of your health and fitness goals and routines.

Not to mention that there are some times where we just plain don’t feel like getting out and working out or putting in the work to cook healthy and nutritious meals. Even those of us who are the healthiest and in the greatest shape have been there, that’s for sure. At times like those, it’s important to draw inspiration and motivation help from wherever we can.

Because we are so able to access media and information at the tips of our fingers every day, we are lucky enough to have a seemingly endless array of places to find that inspiration. Take a look at our favorite somewhat unconventional places to find health and fitness inspiration when we are lacking the ambition to go after our goals full steam ahead.

Unconventional Places to Find Health and Fitness Inspiration


The Pinterest community is an ever-expanding one, and on the site there is no shortage of health and fitness inspiration. Whether you are in need of a fresh workout idea to spice up your routine or need a motivational quote to help give you the stamina to get off the couch and hit the gym, all of that can be found on this versatile and vast site.

You can even collect your favorite bits and pieces of motivation that get you going and pin them to a board that is saved to look at whenever you need it, making it the ultimate virtual tool to give you inspiration on the go.


Social media is very powerful, and its wide scope does wonders to motivate us when we’re feeling down or off our game. There are so many Instagrammers out there that aid in this motivation, too.

To spotlight some of our favorites that have a track record of motivating their followers, @kayla_itsines is a trainer that has transformed the bodies of many with her workout and diet plans, @yoga_girl displays her around the world travels on yoga retreats looking for zen and fitness alike, and @mindbodygreen focusing on your mind, body, and fitness journeys to give you inspiration.


The world of YouTube has an endless array of videos that teach us things, make us laugh, make us cry, and – you guessed it – motivate us to be healthier. Sometimes all it takes is a few minutes clip to totally change our mindset and make us feel ready to take on the world.

A few favorite channels are The Daily Hiit,, and Tone it Up. All provide easy and effective workout ideas while inspiring you to be the best you can every day!

When you’re lacking the inspiration to hit the gym and need a boost, luckily the motivation you need is only a few clicks away. Since we have technology at our fingertips, we might as well use it to make us healthier and happier!

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