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Why Climb At Texas Rock Gym?

Welcome to Texas Rock Gym, Houston’s original indoor rock climbing gym.

thumb6At Texas Rock Gym, our goal is to provide all Houstonians with access to the sport of rock climbing in a professional, high quality climbing gym with a fun atmosphere for climbers of all ages. We emphasize safety and customer service, striving to promote the growth of the sport through a friendly, helpful staff.

With over 14,000 sq ft. of climbable surface, 42 Top-Ropes, 5 Auto-Belays, a lead arch and separate bouldering area, we strive to meet the needs of our climbers, whether beginners or experienced. Our routes are constantly updated, with new holds periodically being added to our walls, which serves to regularly freshen up your climbing experience.

Everyone knows that climbing is a great workout, working your body like no other sport can, building functional fitness. We also offer associated fitness programs available to members, such as Yoga, Primal Fitness, Tai-Chi and Kung Fu.

So whether you are just looking for a great activity to do with your friends and family, or wanting to join the rock climbing community and get involved in a great fitness lifestyle, Texas Rock Gym is the place for you!

At Texas Rock Gym, safety is our first priority. In order to minimize the risks inherent in rock climbing, all participants are required to go through our safety orientation and belay training class, Climbing 101, regardless of previous climbing experience. If you are experienced, you will just move through the class much quicker.

Everyone needs to fill out a waiver before they can rock climb. If you are filling it out for a group event, just put the name of the event in the requested field. You cannot climb without a waiver. Fill out a waiver online HERE, and it will be ready for you when you walk in the gym.

Also, we offer a few different types of rock climbing. Top Roping and Lead Climbing, which both require a partner to climb with, or Auto-Belays and Bouldering, neither of which require a partner to climb with. We have dedicated Bouldering areas in the gym to climb in.

That’s the basics. We hope you enjoy your time with us, and that this becomes your “home” the same way it’s become home for thousands of Houstonians since 1996.

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