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May 2, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Looking for a physical activity that your whole team can do? One that involves team building and communication skills? Was no one on board for your softball team idea? Rock climbing is an exciting activity that you can get your team or group on board for. Whether you’re planning an activity for coworkers, a sports team, or a youth or social group, rock climbing can be a great way to engage everyone. Here’s why:

Nearly anyone can do it. Rock climbing is a full body workout, but it uses your own body weight as resistance. That’s why, if you walk into a climbing gym, you’ll see a mix of males and females, older and younger, who are able to enjoy rock climbing. There are plenty of benefits to having a strong core in rock climbing, but you can start off at any fitness level. The climbing walls are graded so if you’re a beginner, you can easily tell which ones are at your level and which ones are too advanced for you at this stage. Most, if not all, of your team members can try rock climbing.

There are, of course, exceptions. It is best to ask each team member privately if they feel that they will be able to try rock climbing. Some of your team members may have an invisible disability that can prevent them from participating. Some may answer that they are too out of shape or are afraid of heights. Unless this is a crippling fear, both of these issues can be worked through. Many people have conquered or work through a fear of heights through rock climbing because they focus on the wall and the task at hand, not on how far they are from the ground. And as for being too hard or the team member being too out of shape, remind them that there are graded levels of difficulty and they can start as a beginner. Plus there is a beginner climbing safety class, so everyone will be well-informed about what to do and how to climb safely. No one will be thrown in over their heads.

Your climbing activities can be customized. What are your goals for your team physical activity? It can be as simple as having a good time or getting physical activity. In that case, just to have climb time will be enough! Team members can partner up to belay each other and just have at the wall. If you are looking to develop communication skills or build stronger bonds between team members, there are exercises that an instructor can lead the group through to help with all kinds of team building skills. Simply talk to staff at the climbing gym before your event to see what kinds of exercises and challenges are available to meet your group-wide goals.

You will have fun. Rock climbing is fun and exciting, plus it’s an activity that many members of your team may not have tried yet. Give rock climbing a try, it can be the right group activity for your team!

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