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Youth Climbing Team

Join The Youth Climbing Team…

Looking for an exciting activity your kids will excel in that also teaches valuable life skills? The youth climbing team is the perfect sport for children ages 7-17. Sign up and watch how fast your kids will fall in love with the sport of indoor rock climbing right here in heart of Houston.

Our expert coaching staff provides fun, challenging, and rewarding instruction that develops your child’s fitness, improves their climbing ability and strengthens one’s character. The program encourages the development of a life-long passion for climbing through an emphasis on respect, problem-solving, communication and overcoming fears.

Smaller group sizes ensure each team member gets the best coaching experience we can deliver.

Practice sessions typically last 2-hours. The kids will warm up, do some stretching and mobility exercises and then do a climbing workout specific to competition season and/or climbers interests/goals/level. Then we have everyone do a focused group workout to finish off the practice session. This workout is geared toward maintenance, whether it’s core or antagonistic muscle groups, to prevent injury and strengthen the opposite and opposing muscle groups we tend to over utilize while climbing.


Indoor rock climbing is a great sport for young adults. At TRG, competition is encouraged but not required for someone to be on the youth climbing team. Team members often compete locally in Houston to see if they are interested. There will be several opportunities for team members to participate in local/regional competitions. Those wishing to do so will need to purchase a USA Climbing membership in order to receive points and post results that are required to advance to the regional and national competitions.

Each Climbing Team member should become a member of the USA Climbing organization if they wish to compete. In addition to the team membership dues, climbing team members will be responsible for their own competition fees and travel expenses. All local competitions are held in Texas (Houston, Austin, and Dallas areas). If a climber earns an invitation to a divisional, national, or international competition, an additional coaching fee may be assessed based on the number of Team Natural climbers attending that particular competition


Team members can use TRG rental equipment (shoes, harness, chalk bag, belay device, ropes, etc.) at no charge during practice but are encouraged to purchase their own equipment. This way the climber can be more comfortable and familiar with their equipment.

Outdoor Climbing Trips

Several times each month there will be opportunities to climb outside with qualified instructors for youth team members only. These trips often have additional fees and prerequisites associated with them.


Practice sessions are available during one or more of the following times Monday through Thursday. Team members can choose from 1-4 practice sessions per week. Practice usually lasts for 120 min.

Monday -Thursdays:

  • 6:00-8:00pm
  • Friday: Open Practice from 6-8pm. (All youths welcome)

Rates vary depending on the number of practice sessions per week

  • 1 session per week = $105/month
  • 2 sessions per week = $170/month
  • 3 sessions per week = $235/month
  • 4 sessions per week = $295/month

Every Friday we offer Friday Night Social team practice. It’s basically an open practice for all skill levels from 6-8pm. Parents can drop off their kids off for some climbing time and take a couple hours off. Cost is $100 a month.

Additional Perks:

  • Dedicated practices with climbing coaches
  • Rental gear necessary during practice
  • Team shirt
  • Opportunity to go to competitions
  • Opportunity for outdoor climbing trips
  • Sport-specific training
  • Group workouts
  • Monthly membership with 2 guest passes
  • Discounts to workshops and clinics

What if our kids don’t like the Youth Climbing Team?

I recommend that you NEVER purchase anything that isn’t 100% guaranteed. And with Texas Rock Gym you get our unique “Great Time Guarantee” when you join our Youth Climbing Team. That means if you decide after the first week this isn’t a good fit, you can literally email us and we’ll give you all your money back. No questions asked. And we’ll even be happy to refund your money with a smile.

How do my kids join the Youth Climbing Team at Texas Rock Gym…

Registration is easy. Simply get in touch with our director, Matt Treadway, and he’ll be happy to discuss how to get your kids into the program.

Detailed instructions will also be emailed to you afterward.

Thanks again for learning about our Youth Climbing Team Program at Texas Rock Gym. We look forward to helping your kids master the rocks!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 713-973-ROCK (7625) or fill out the form below.

The Fine Print:

All dues are paid on the 10th of the month via our AutoDraft program (we use it for our memberships as well). For team members, we will WAIVE THE AUTODRAFT START UP FEE (usually $25). There is a sibling discount! We will take 20% off of total dues. Discounts are also possible by paying for 6 or 12 months at a time.

Still not convinced? Click here to find out WHY you should join the climbing team.