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December 7, 2017 by

Well, it’s time of year again!

Time for our annual holiday sale.  It’s the only time we discount our annual memberships and punch cards this much.  This year the sale begins on Dec 12 and ends on Dec 15.  (Or when we sell out.)  Couple things are different this year.  First, we won’t process any transactions over the phone.  All transaction have to be in person or completed online.  Second, all online orders are processed by our gym management software, Rock Gym Pro, on their secure servers so your personal information is safe and protected.

SALE: 15 PrePaid Passes for $140 (Save 53%!)

Limit 100

SALE: 15 PrePaid Passes with Gear for $180 (Save 63%)

Limit 100

SALE: Annual Membership On Sale $500 (Save 53%!)

Limit 50

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I purchase these items over the phone or in-person?

Phone – No.  In person – absolutely!  Just swing by the gym and we’ll take care of you up at the front desk.

Can I give my Pre-Paid Passes to someone else?

Yup.  Go ahead and buy the passes today.  The passes will be added to your account.  Then, after the sale is over, give us a call or swing by the front desk so we can transfer the passes to their account.

Do the Pre-Paid Passes expire?

No.  They never expire.  They just sit in your account waiting to be used.

Can someone else use one of my Prepaid Passes?

Yup.  You just tell us who and we will take care the rest.  A lot of people use their passes to pay for a guest.

Is there a limit on how many I can buy?

Not at this time.  But if we sell out too quickly, we might have to put a limit on how many someone can buy next year so more people can benefit.