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December 14, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Workout trends come and go, but even though not all of them stay in season for long – they are still super fun to try!

Especially if you’re in a workout rut or looking to try something new, it’s always fun to dip your toe in the pond of themed or unique fitness classes or studios. With so many out there, why not?! Anything to keep you moving, healthy, and fit.

Houston is no stranger to the varied and wide world of specialty workout options. In fact, there seem to be more now than ever! We rounded up the current must-try workouts in the area to step up your fitness routine.

5 Must-Try Houston Workouts

Row studios

Row studios offers classes that utilize rowing machines for a full-body, high intensity workout. This class will undoubtedly leave you feeling refreshed as the workout is low impact.

Rowing is known to work all muscles and build endurance and strength, burning a high number of calories and building muscle.



Cycling has been around for a while, but it seems every time you turn around there are more and more themed classes that work a new part of your body or are appealing in some other way.

Cycling is another high-intensity workout that will leave your legs tired, your body sweaty, and your heart pumping.

CycleBar is a must try as it has a large range of classes – some that encompass yoga, others that are designed for beginners, or those that are meant for high-performance athletes.

That being said, there is something for everyone! The music and energy will leave you feeling alive.

Pure Barre

This is another workout that has exploded in recent years in popularity, utilizing a ballet bar to help individuals get a workout that focuses on toning small muscle groups.

The great thing about barre classes is that they are meant for any body type or skill level. Pure Barre showcases expert trainers, invigorating classes, and a great opportunity to get physically fit.


Now this is unique! These classes feature an action called “rebounding” with the use of kangaroo boots.

An aerobic workout that is low impact – because of the boots – this is something that is so fun it won’t even feel like a fitness routine!

This is a full body workout that is designed for people ages 6-90, so pretty much anyone can safely participate.

At your first class, you will receive special attention to ensure you know how to correctly use the boots and perform the exercise. Bounce on over today!


Texas Rock Gym – here at Texas Rock Gym, we offer a rock climbing course that is perfect to try with a group.

Whether it’s a group of friends, your family, or coworkers, you will leave feeling confident and energized, having not only gotten a great workout but also having built strong communication and leadership skills.

Talk about killing two birds with one stone! You will not regret trying this as the feeling of reaching the top is an exhilarating reward that cannot be beat!

After hearing all these tempting options, get out there and try one of the diverse Houston area workout ideas today!

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