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April 10, 2017 by
Jay Medley
Podcasts have grown tremendously in popularity in the past couple years, despite being out there for at least a decade. Nonetheless, they are a current craze that people can’t seem to get enough of! And – we can’t say we blame ‘em!. They’re informative, entertaining, and there is no shortage of topics out there, either.

Today, we wanted to share some of our favorite health and fitness podcasts that can inspire, motivate, and educate you to be a healthier and happier being. Read on to learn about our personal favorites!

Half-Size Me

This is a podcast that is designed to help anyone on their personal weight loss journey. Heather Robinson hosts, and she shares her journey where she lost 170 pounds in a five year span.

She’s very straight forward, and she helps her audience by busting diet myths and sharing the most effective methods and strategies for sustainable and lasting weight loss. She also covers topics such as binge eating, getting fit after pregnancy and how to lose significant amounts of weight. This podcast airs weekly.

The Nutrition Diva Quick and Dirty Tips

Staying on top of your nutrition game is tough – we get it! And so does this podcast. That’s why host Monica Reinagel – a trained chef and certified nutritionist – uses this podcast as a medium to help educate people on how to clean up their eating habits and work towards a healthier lifestyle.

She debunks nutrition myths and provides hacks towards eating healthier without having to dedicate all of your free time to doing so. This is a health and eating can’t miss!

Katy Says

If you’re looking to learn about the best possible workout plans and put your own to the test, this is the perfect podcast for you!

On this show, Katy Bowman shares her philosophy of “restorative exercise”, which dictates that you need to look at the body holistically.

Interestingly, she guides people towards mimicking how people maintained their health and bodies before modern living caused us to sit at desks so often and so frequently repeat the same exercises and motions. This is also a great podcast for anyone overcoming a physical injury and looking to get back into shape.

Yoga Peeps

This podcast began in 2011 and has been gaining popularity ever since! Rather than teach listeners the perfect way to master yoga poses, this show centers around the best and most effective way to approach yoga and how to effectively incorporate the practice into their day to day lives.

Lara Cestone hosts and has helped build others’ love for yoga for all sixty plus hours of content so far, and she will keep doing so as long as the podcast continues!

In a world of options, these are only a few of the many amazing and useful health and fitness podcasts out there. Listen to any of these and you will feel motivated and inspired, as well as more knowledgeable – we guarantee it!

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