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December 14, 2016 by
Jay Medley
While the holidays are a fun time that are supposed to be filled with constant joy, they can also be filled with stress and anxiety, too. Since life in general can be stressful, whether it is during the holiday season or not, having your go-to places to destress is vital to your health and wellness.

Around town, there are many wonderful places to go to relax, blow off steam, reflect, and have time to yourself to let the anxiety and worries of the day melt away.

Here are a few of our favorite places around Houston to enjoy and de-stress.

Best Places to De-Stress in Houston

A spa

What could be more relaxing than a spa day?

From facials to massages, spas are a great place to let your mind relax and focus solely on yourself.

Dolce Vita Day Spa in Houston is a highly-rated spa that provides excellent service and is committed to helping their clients leave more relaxed than they were when they arrived.

The spa also sells products that you can bring home with you in order to keep the relaxation going even after your appointment is over.

The library

Reading is said to relax your mind and reduce stress, taking your mind to an entirely different place and allowing you to get wrapped up in a separate world.

Paying a visit to the Houston Public Library, roaming the aisles, leafing through old favorites or new additions, and relaxing in a big comfy chair could be the best way to destress after a tough week at work or trying day.

You will leave feeling refreshed and with a clear mind!

Go to a yoga class

Yoga is proven to not only reduce stress but also clear your mind and release chemicals into the brain that scientifically make you happier!

Head to Texas Rock Gym for an invigorating yoga class that, combined with the meditation and stretching practices used, will leave you feeling refreshed and calm, regardless of how you felt walking into class.

See a movie

Enjoying one of the latest blockbusters could be just the ticket to getting your mind off stressful and anxiety-ridden topics.

Especially given the AMC Studio 30 in Houston is a “luxury” theater with reserved seating and extensive food and drink options, you will watch in style and feel nothing but pampered. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!


Go to a kickboxing class

If you are looking to do something more active to blow off steam, a kickboxing class could be just the thing for you.

The classes at Cardio Kickboxing are high-energy and will be sure to get your blood pumping.

These 45-minute classes are not only intense but work to coordinate your mind and body with those around you, leaving you to focus on nothing but the class that you are in. If that doesn’t de-stress you, nothing will!


As you can see, Houston is filled with an array of places to visit and things to do when you are in need of something to calm your mind and mend your spirit.

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