Boot Camp Workouts For All Ages

All New Boot Camp Classes By Primal Fitness Featuring TRX

Boot Camp Workout With Climbing CagePrimal Fitness is Texas Rock Gym’s premier fitness program for losing weight, getting in better shape, and building a better climbing body. Our boot camp workout classes will take your body, mind and soul to the next level – fast.

Our fitness classes switch it up every day so your body is always being challenged. And you’re guaranteed never to get bored.

Our approach is designed to not only get you “fit” fast, but also to keep you active and athletic for the years to come. Other fitness programs and boot camp workout classes are usually one-size-fits-all approaches disguised as something special and different. But after you sign up, those kind of programs usually get boring or worse, get you injured.

Other boot camp workout classes force you to exercise too early, outside in the dirt and grass, or in some hot warehouse. We have a special dedicated workout area inside the fully air-conditioned Texas Rock Gym for our workouts.

We help you get the results you want fast without the risk of doing hard-core lifts or dangerous “muscle failure” activities.

Those are what too often cause injuries with other boot camp workout classes. Our workouts are always new, fresh and exciting. Perfect for beginners or advanced individuals. You control the pace and intensity.

A Better Boot Camp Workout For All Ages

TRX Workout In Boot Camp ExercisesOver the years of training hundreds (thousands?) of people, it’s become obvious what works for the majority of people, and what doesn’t. Not everyone can maintain the constant beat down of Crossfit, nor do many climbers want to learn how to Power Clean or Snatch 300lbs.

Most of us just want to be stronger, feel better, and look more attractive. I know it sounds funny, but it’s true.

We took the best elements from a variety of workout programs that we have taught over the years and created a new system that gets results, fast. Most people see initial results in less than 30 days, and our ever-changing boot camp workout classes are designed to continue to help you achieve your goals. Every boot camp workout is different. Constant variety is the number one way to challenge your body and continue to see the results you’re looking for.

How long are the workout sessions?

exercises for movementMost workouts are done within an hour. Often less. We meet, warm up and run through some flexibility and range of motion exercises and then do the workout.

The core workout only ranges from 15 min long to 20 min long depending on what we are doing that day.

Typically we are doing a fusion of TRX, gymnastic movements, and kettlebells in some type of either circuit training or set routine.

In just 6 weeks – improve flexibility, increase endurance, and get stronger all the once!

Introducing TRX – the ultimate full-body training system. We love TRX. It’s been proven time and time again to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It’s great for anyone looking for low impact strength gains and toning. Perfect for climbers. We have 10 dedicated TRX stations in the gym.

Our TRX program is offered as a 6-week group workout program that meets twice a week. We start with the basics and then teach you how to advance within the TRX system. You’ll learn how to push yourself to whatever limit is appropriate for you.

New sessions start periodically so get in touch to find out when the next one begins. Class size is strictly limited to 10 people. We rotate between AM classes and evening class. Get in touch for more info on when the next program starts.

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NOTE: Primal Fitness also offers private personal training in the morning and evenings at incredible rates.

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