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March 14, 2017 by
Jay Medley
Sometimes it can be tough to think of healthy and yummy dinner ideas night after night, and we know that eating right is especially important to your overall health and wellness when paired with a regular fitness regime.

However, cooking on a weeknight also means you are probably looking for a quick and easy recipe that isn’t going to take much time or many dishes, as no one wants to clean up a huge mess after a long day of work.

With that being said, we wanted to give you some delicious dinner recipes – separated into categories – that are healthy, easy to make, and will give you a boost of energy when you need it most.

Dinners that Boost Energy Levels


There are so many great seafood recipes out there that are healthy and yummy, too. However, sometimes it feels as though many seafood meals can be complex and quite time consuming to make.

However, we’ve rounded up some easy recipes that don’t skimp on taste or nutrition. First, this couscous shrimp dish is big on flavor, but it doesn’t take much time to pull together, making it an ideal weeknight meal.

Also, these sauteed scallops with celery salad is something different that will quickly become a go-to recipe. Finally, just the look of this tuna melt is mouth-watering – a healthy twist on a classic!


Chicken is a go-to when it comes to quick, easy, and healthy. While it sometimes gets a rep of being boring, these recipes prove it is anything but!

This recipe for Greek style chicken is a no brainer and is packed with flavor and appeal. For something more filling, warm chicken sausage and potato salad will leave you with a full stomach and abundance of energy.

Lastly, this honey and lemon marinated chicken will become a weeknight favorite because it is easy as pie but tastes great.


There are endless beef recipes out there, but it can be hard to find go-to healthy options that are easy to make. We managed to find a few great options, though.

The first is beef tenderloin with balsamic asparagus, helping you get your vitamins in all-around. This southwestern chili is not to be missed and will become an instant winter time favorite. Finally, if you’re in the mood to grill, these spiced beef kabobs can’t be beat.


Some may think it’s hard to find veggie recipes that help boost energy levels, but that’s a total misconception. For instance, take these spaghetti squash burrito bowls that will leave even a meat lover satisfied.

Similarly, these bean quesadillas are filled with vitamins and are super easy to prepare. Last, spicy garlic kale with poached egg makes a great dinner full of energy boosting nutrients – who said eggs were just for mornings, right?!

Weeknight dinners don’t need to be a chore – they can be fun and simple to put together as well as healthy. Use these recipes to find some reliable favorites that will leave you energized, full, and happy.

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