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February 15, 2017 by
Jay Medley
Sometimes, the grocery store can be an overwhelming place. Between the massive amount of choices and deceptive advertising that some “healthy” foods use, it can be confusing. In today’s world, everyone is trying to be a healthier and more fit version of themselves.

This leads to food companies yearning for their foods to be considered healthy and nutritious, but they still want their product to taste delicious. Unfortunately, many times this results in foods being marketed as good for you, but in all reality they are not the healthiest choice out there.

Take a look at our recommendations for foods to stay away from and what to replace them with to keep your diet in tip-top condition.

Don’t Be Fooled: Foods that Actually Aren’t That Healthy…and What to Eat Instead

Calorie Controlled Packaged and Processed Foods

We’ve all eaten them – the 100 calorie packs of crackers or cookies. And we’ve probably thought that we were eating a healthy snack. However, these packs usually leave us not only unsatisfied but also devoid of the energy boost we were seeking.

This is because these are filled with empty carbs that have almost no nutritional value. You don’t have to skip the carbs during an afternoon snack – but to avoid a crash and to feel more energetic after nibbling, try something paired with protein and a healthy fat. Apples and peanut butter or celery and peanut butter are a great alternative.

Fruit juice

It is a common misconception to think that fruit juice is good for you. After all, they’re made of fruit, right?! The problem with these juices is that they almost always contain a lot of added sugars that are processed by your body in a way that ends up putting stress on your pancreas.

Definitely not the best way to start your day! Instead of drinking your sugars, it’s much better to just eat actual fruit. That way, you get your dose of natural sugar (which your body processes differently) and the delicious taste of fresh fruit.

Breakfast bars

These are a convenient way to seemingly get a good amount of vitamins and nutrients – and one of the alluring parts of these are that they are quite filling. The problem with these that makes them less-than healthy is that they typically have added sugar in them, which causes an afternoon crash as well as the possibility for irritability and weight gain.

Finally, while they are advertised as being high in fiber, protein, and nutrients, those items are added after the fact, making them less-than natural. Because those benefits are not naturally occurring, they are not really that good for you. To get all of those benefits without the downsides, eat nuts or a hardboiled egg as a healthy option.

Navigating the world of healthy eating can be tough, especially when there are so many “fake” healthy options out there. Doing your research and knowing the facts is key, and it certainly pays off in the end to eat meals that are truly nutritious.

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