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April 10, 2017 by
Jay Medley
The spring is a time of new beginnings – fresh flowers blooming, new leaves budding on the trees, and a feeling of coming out of our winter “hibernation”, if you will. With this new season, why not do something to make yourself even more refreshed and renewed to kick it off the right way?

There’s no better time to do something that will make you feel great – plus – who couldn’t use an excuse to pamper yourself or make time for yourself? Keep reading to learn about our favorite ways to feel refreshed to kick off one of the best seasons of the year!

Easy Ways to Feel Refreshed this Spring

Take a social media break

While 56% of Americans currently have at least one social media profile and 22% of Americans – or 12 million people – visit social media sites more than one time daily, it is definitely a way of life in today’s day in age. It takes up a lot of time and, sometimes, it can be draining to focus on the life and happenings of others as shared through social media.

Taking a break from these websites can give you some time back on a day to day basis and will allow you to focus on other things – family, friends, being present in the moment, health, fitness, and so on. Taking a week or even a month off can be a great way to help yourself feel renewed.

Spring cleaning

Who doesn’t feel refreshed when their house is squeaky clean and well organized? Spring has historically been a great time to do a deep clean and purge your home of things that you no longer want or need (all of which somehow get stuck piled up in the back of your closet, usually!).

Spring is a great time to refresh the look, feel, and cleanliness of your home. It will surely leave you feeling like a whole new person!

Start a garden

A new project may be just what you need to feel refreshed, so why not start growing some of your own food and herbs. There are endless options when it comes to gardening, and even if you’re low on outdoor space, you can plant smaller plants like herbs and even fruits and vegetables indoors.

Not only will this be a fun new hobby, but you’ll love harvesting your crops and putting them to use in the kitchen!

Get adventurous

Why not start the season with an adventure? Try doing something that you usually wouldn’t, such as going on a hike, trying a new and exotic food, or completing a rock climbing challenge. It’s always a great experience to do something different, and it can definitely set the tone of the season right from the start!

There are many different ways to start the spring feeling refreshed, and it’s great to find a way to do so that best suits your interests and lifestyle. Treat yourself to something that’s fun and that makes you feel great this spring!

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