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November 30, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Being that the cold and flu season is gearing up to be in full swing, it is more important now than ever to encourage your employees to stay healthy.

December to February is reported by WebMD to be peak flu season, with an average of 5% to 20% of U.S. residents suffering through the flu on an annual basis.

On average, the flu takes between one and four days to overcome, meaning that most people who contract the illness will have to take off from work in order to recover, costing your company money.

However, there are easy ways to encourage your employees to improve their immune system and thus get sick less often.

Here are some quick and easy ways that we recommend.


Easy Ways to Improve your Employees’ Immune Systems

Provide immune boosting foods

Foods such as yogurt, citrus fruits, and almonds are proven to boost immune systems and help fight against sickness-causing germs.

Keeping a stock of these in your office can help to promote wellness during cold and flu season!

Host tea time

Tea is another supplement that is known to improve immunity. Having a variety of tea in the office is a good way to help employees stay healthy – and warm!

Who doesn’t love a tea break, anyways?

Chamomile and ginseng tea are both highly effective in helping raise immune levels.

Help employees de-stress

An abundance of stress is known to wreck a person’s immune system and make them more susceptible to illness.

Prevention notes that severe and chronic stress have a direct impact on the immune system that can cause disease or change the course of a preexisting disease.

To help employees be more stress-free, encourage them to attend relaxing yoga classes or host meditation sessions in the office.


Encourage employees to be active

The average American suffers through two to three colds each year, but staying active and exercising at least a few times a week can help lessen those numbers.

Try taking employees to a rock climbing course at Texas Rock Gym to promote wellness and simultaneously build leadership skills and community.

Call to set up your session today to help beat the bugs of the season!

Promote social engagement

Who knew that socializing could be good for the health of your employees?

Well, Prevention notes that studies indicate that the fewer human interactions and connections fostered, the more likely an individual is to contract illnesses.

Encourage employees to interact with one another socially by hosting happy hours or events.

This will not only promote health and wellness, but will further build community within your office!

While there are many ways to assist employees in staying healthy and happy over cold and flu season, these are our top five that we think are the most effective.

To save your company from high absenteeism and the loss of valuable resources and money over this cold and flu season, encourage wellness in your employees however you can!

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