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Birthday Party FAQs

When you want to host a birthday party that everyone will remember, Texas Rock Gym has the answer.

For more information about our birthday party options, visit Kids Birthday Party page first. Below are the most commonly asked questions about our packages. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the front desk.

How much does a birthday party typically cost at TRG?

We have two different birthday party options. One is full-service birthday party package. The other is a more affordable, self-service, birthday party option. The cost for our full service, turnkey, birthday party – The Pinnacle Party – is only $425 for 10 participants, $600 for 15, and $725 for 20. The self-service – On The Rocks – birthday party package is only $300 for 10, $400 for 15, and $500 for 20.

Both packages include up to 2 hours in the gym, which includes check-in, safety training, and access to the party room which includes tables and benches. If you have belayers who need to take the ClimbSafe class to learn to belay, we give a single belay class for up to 4 people if you choose the On The Rocks party option.

How do I make a reservation?

We simply need to get a bit of information from you and a deposit of 50% of your total party cost, which is applied toward your final bill. To set a reservation, you can contact us or swing by the gym.

What about the deposit I put down on my party?
In order to reserve our facility for a party, we require a 50% deposit of the total cost of your party. This deposit is non refundable, and will be applied to the balance at check out. If you wish to reschedule your party, you can up to two weeks before the event.
Is there a minimum age for a party?

Yes and no. For parties and groups that happen on a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, we want (at least most of) the climbers to be at least 7 years old. If there are just a few children that are younger, that is ok – just be sure they have a parent present to help keep an eye on them! Anyone who will be belaying (see below) must be at least 12 years old. All participants must fill out one of our liability waivers, and minors must have theirs signed by their parent or legal guardian – not just any adult.

What is a ‘belayer’?

A ‘belayer’ holds the rope and operates the safety equipment for the climber. The only requirement for someone to belay is that they be at least 12 years old. We do provide belayers for our Pinnacle Party but not for our On The Rocks Party. It is not difficult, and we can teach pretty much anyone how to do it. If the climbers are 12 or older they can belay for each other. For groups with kids that are 11 or younger you can recruit some parents to belay – they’ll have a good time, too!

You do not need a belayer for every climber – in fact, we recommend a ratio of 1 belayer for every 5 climbers.

Every belayer needs to take our ClimbSAFE Class. The Pinnacle Party includes belayers, so no belay class will be given, simply the safety briefing for the climbers. We provide the ClimbSAFE class for up to 4 belayers for the On The Rocks party option. If you wish to add additional belayers, they may take the ClimbSAFE class during one of our class times before the event for a one time fee of $10

Can I bring my own food or decorations?

The Pinnacle Party includes all party decorations, as well as gift bags for the guests, a cool Texas Rock Gym t-shirt for the birthday person, and a number of choices for food including your choice of Pizza or turkey wrap sandwiches, cupcakes or a sheet cake, and juices or bottled water. You may bring additional food or drinks if you desire.

For the On The Rocks Party; Yes! The only things we do not allow are: confetti, noisemakers, piñatas, silly string, and alcohol. Many people like to have pizza delivered to their party and we can provide information of several vendors that are in the area.

Are waivers required for everyone?

ALL CLIMBERS AND BELAYERS ARE REQUIRED TO COMPLETE ONE OF OUR WAIVERS. Minors must have their waivers signed by a parent or LEGAL guardian. (Grandparents or “authorized friends” don’t count when it comes to legal documents.) We suggest that you include these with your party invitations. Waivers can be found on the main page of our website or in the gym at the waiver station. We highly recommend that parents fill these out BEFORE the event for a smoother check-in process

Anything else I need to know for hosting a great event?

It is very important that all climbers and belayers arrive ON TIME for the safety orientation. We recommend getting here 15 minutes early. The safety class is MANDATORY for all participants, and we only do one class per party.