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November 11, 2016 by
Jay Medley
There are many reasons for someone to fall out of their normal workout routine – whether it be because someone wasn’t feeling well, they were exceptionally busy, they were on vacation, or some other reason.

And – we totally get it – once someone has been out of it for a little while, it can be really tough to jump back into a normal groove and schedule of working out.

That’s why we are here to help. And, as a good employer, you should care about those you work with being in a normal cadence of working out in order to stay healthy and happy.

Thus, we encourage you to use fitness classes as a way to inspire your employees to jump back into their normal routines and stay in shape. Here is why group fitness is a great way to do just that.


How Group Fitness can get Individuals Back into a Normal Routine

It is a pre-planned commitment

When you have employees sign up for a group fitness class in advanced, it becomes a commitment for them. This means that they are able to plan for the event and account for it in their schedule.

Furthermore, this leaves no room for ducking out of the workout. When people are simply planning on going to the gym alone after work, it is much easier for them to decide at the last minute that they do not want to go, thus putting off the return of their normal routine.

You can hold each other accountable

When people have signed up to go to an event like this together, they can hold each other accountable to actually attending.

Given it is a group activity to be done together, talking about it in the office and knowing it is coming up can also be exciting and something to look forward to, rather than something to dread

– which is what sometimes happens to people when they think of working out.

It’s something different

Group fitness classes like those we offer are different than a run-of-the-mill workout. They are a nice change for those who have grown bored with their normal routine and can inspire a new interest for many.

This will make working out exciting again and something to look forward to.

It’s fun!

Most importantly, group fitness at our gym is fun and exciting. It inspires attendees to work together towards a common goal and doesn’t feel like work as it is enjoyable.

Reminding employees that working out is fun is a great way to prompt their jump back into a normal cadence.


Set up your Group Fitness Class Today!

Texas Rock Gym offers a versatile range of group fitness classes that have many benefits for your employees. Besides inspiring them to jump into a normal workout schedule and increase health and wellness overall, they have many other perks.

These classes facilitate team bonding and are useful team building activities. To book an activity for your employees, call our gym today and have all of your questions answered.

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