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March 14, 2017 by
Jay Medley
Bachelor parties can be pretty straightforward, but you might just be looking to plan something more unique and special for your best guy friend, brother, or relative.

We don’t blame you! An upcoming wedding is certainly a reason to celebrate and it also serves as a great excuse for a group of friends to do something fun that they don’t usually have the chance to do. Why not take advantage of it!?

In the Houston area, there are seemingly endless activities to participate in as a group. Keep reading to learn about some of the best of them that might not have already made your list or celebration schedule.

Fun Bachelor Party Activities in Houston

Go golfing

What better activity for a bachelor party than a competitive round of golf? It’s fun, a great way to enjoy the outdoors, and is a wonderful bonding activity. There are many beautiful and challenging golf courses in the Houston area, but one of the best is Wildcat Golf Club.

You will love the scenic setup of this course, the convenient location, and how challenging and unique each individual hole is.

Enjoy some BBQ

Houston is a spot known for their delicious BBQ food, so it would be a shame for a group of guys not to enjoy it on a celebratory weekend! You could even do a BBQ crawl – and we recommend doing so with an empty stomach to start as well as with a bib on deck to protect your clothes from the sauce.

Thrillist featured a list of all of Houston’s best BBQ spots – none of them to missed on a groom’s big weekend!

Experience the drive of a lifetime

If your group has the need for speed, they can experience driving like never before at Fittipaldi Exotic Driving. Here, get behind the wheel of luxury cars such as a Lamborghini or Porsche and experience something that you definitely don’t get to do every day. This is surely an activity not to be forgotten.

Take a rock climbing course

This is a great outing for an active group that wants to do something out of the ordinary. Texas Rock Gym offers exhilarating rock climbing courses for groups of all sizes and skill levels. These courses will help improve communication within the group and are extremely fulfilling once the course is complete.

Take a brewery tour

Beer is like a love language for guys (in most cases), so why not include it in a bachelor bash. Saint Arnold Brewing Company is Texas’ oldest craft brewery, and it’s a cool place to see and experience at that. They offer informative and fun tours that are inexpensive to attend, which seems like a win-win to us!

Bachelor parties are always fun, but what makes them even more exciting is when there are unique activities planned throughout a once in a lifetime weekend celebration. Plus, Houston is a great place to celebrate your favorite groom, whether you’re local or coming from far away.

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