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December 19, 2016 by
Jay Medley
When the weather starts to turn a bit colder, it marks a time of year that people start to crave being indoors more often. However, we know that sometimes, you can start to go a little stir-crazy.

It’s only natural – people are meant to be active and who doesn’t want to be out and about participating in fun and engaging activities?

And, believe it or not, the Houston area has a great balance of things to do outdoors and inside when it gets colder out. Take a look at some of the best activities in the area to do inside.

Houston Roller Derby

This is a fun and out of the box activity that takes place indoors that everyone who tries it is bound to love.

Whether you are a part of a league or simply attend the weekly bouts and are a follower of the team, it is a cool place to check out that is something fun and different to do.

This is something cool to watch and is definitely something interesting to enjoy.


Track 21 Indoor Karting and More

If you’re looking to do something more playful and fast-paced, this is the place for you. With many indoor activities to please everyone in the group, this place is fun and exciting.

Besides indoor go-carts, this venue also boasts glow in the dark mini golf and laser tag. You can definitely make a day out of visiting this spot!

Downtown Aquarium

If you’re looking to see some aquatic animals, learn about the species under the sea, and be amazed by the wide variety of aquatic creatures, this is the place to go.

Downtown Aquarium was created by bringing together two different Houston landmarks – Firehouse No. 1 and the Central Waterworks Building. This attraction also has a restaurant, bar, and a variety of exhibits to check out.


Texas Rock Gym

If you’re looking to do some indoor rock climbing, look no further than Texas Rock Gym. Do something different and challenging that will push your group to communicate more effectively, all while having fun.

Plus, nothing can replace the rewarding feeling experienced when you reach the top of the course. You will undoubtedly leave feeling exhilarated and satisfied in yourself, as well as more well-bonded to your group.

Ice at the Galleria

Treat yourself to a magical session of ice skating at the Galleria. This is something that’s fun for people of all ages and is a great family activity to do!

With places to eat and shop nearby, you can certainly make a fun-filled day out of visiting this Houston hot spot.

Even though it can be a bit depressing to be stuck inside during the colder months of the year, there are quite a few options for fun and entertaining things to do in the Houston area.

There’s no excuse for staying holed up in the house in the winter with so many things to do!

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