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March 21, 2016 by
Jay Medley
You may have heard about TRX suspension training, or maybe you’ve seen it on TV (it’s been featured on The Biggest Loser) but how can you tell if it’s for you? Developed by the Navy SEALs, this workout involves nylon straps with handles on the ends.

You can do many traditional exercises that use your body weight as resistance, like push-ups, while balancing yourself on the handles. Since you have to stay balanced in addition to pushing yourself up, you’re working many different muscles that would not normally be activated during a traditional push-up.

That Navy SEALs developed TRX sounds scary

have you ever seen their boot camps? However, TRX is not just for the buffest of the buff. It is actually adaptable for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. You use your body weight as resistance, but how much weight is put on your muscles will depend on your pose.

Think about your position when you’re performing a push-up with your hands in the strap handles. Your incline will determine how intense the workout is. If you bring your feet in closer to your body, the push-ups will become easier.

To up the difficulty, change your incline and move your feet farther away from your body (more like a traditional push-up.) With the right guidance and coaching, you can adapt a TRX workout to fit with any fitness level.

TRX can work your entire body depending on the moves you do, but it is always working your core.

Having strong core muscles can prevent some injuries. If you’re looking to strengthen your core, TRX could be exactly what you need.

A study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research found that, when compared to similar exercises done in a stable way (like push-ups on the floor,) TRX exercises were better at working the core (your core has to keep you stable on those straps!) It’s like the ultimate plank.

TRX won’t help with all fitness goals, though. It won’t build big, bulky muscles like weight-lifting, so if your goal is to look like a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, you’ll still need to hit the weights.

If you get bored easily with workouts, TRX may provide the versatility you need. You can adapt almost any resistance exercise so that it can be done using these straps, so you can get pretty creative with the moves. TRX can also be a quick workout – it works a lot of muscles in not a lot of time.

Are you a social butterfly or a solo artist? Either way, you can do TRX.

The nylon straps are easy to transport and can be set up at home or outdoors if you want to work out all by your lonesome. You can also go to a gym that offers TRX for a more social experience and the expert guidance of an instructor.

Or, get the best of both worlds by working with a personal trainer in a gym. You have the privacy, but your trainer can teach you new moves and the proper way to do them to avoid injury.

TRX suspension training is so versatile that you can adapt it to you fitness level, your goals, and your interests. If TRX doesn’t initially feel like the right workout for you, it may be worth working with an instructor or trainer to try a new approach and adapt it to something that you do enjoy.

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