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February 15, 2017 by
Jay Medley
If one of your new year’s resolutions was to complete a marathon (or even a half marathon!) in this calendar year, you’re probably not alone. While that is quite a physical feat, it is something that will produce much pride once it’s accomplished.

However, getting there does require a great deal of dedication and training along the way. The up sides are immeasurable, though, as running has a seemingly endless array of benefits – from reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimer’s, improving bone health, boosting your immune system, toning your muscles, reducing stress, and many more.

But like we said, training is tough work. Check out our best tips for getting to your goal in the Houston area this year.

Great Ways to Train for a Marathon in Houston in 2017

Run on a trail

There are many great running trails in Houston that serve to be great spots to use in training to run a marathon. Buffalo Bend Nature Park is a 10-acre park located on the port of Houston. Here, you can see wildlife and quite beautiful scenery as you train, making it the perfect place to visit!

Practice yoga

Yoga classes are a great compliment to your running schedule when you are training for a marathon. This is because yoga typically works muscles in a way that helps relieve the pain or tension that frequent running can cause.

Yoga can actually help prevent running injuries and even help raise your endurance rate – both important factors when it comes to training for a marathon! Finally, yoga is known to improve body awareness and consciousness, which will help you to more easily notice when you are experiencing issues, pain, or tension due to running.

Texas Rock Gym is Houston’s best spot for yoga classes, making it a go to source in training for marathons!

Visit a sauna

Saunas have, oftentimes, been pegged as the “secret weapon” of running. This is for a multitude of reasons. First, sitting in one after a training session can relieve the aches and pains caused by frequent running. Additionally, it can improve your lung function, increasing it by up to 10% and clearing up lung congestion.

Regular sauna visits are proven to increase resistance to the common cold and respiratory infections and can also help make you more adaptable to the heat, which is something that can hugely help runners. Mokara Spa is a great spot in Houston to go to take advantage of their sauna and steam room after intense training.

A visit to Mokara would allow you to not only unwind and relax, but also attain all of the mentioned benefits that would enhance your training regime.

We know that training for a marathon is grueling and tough work, but we also know the sense of pride you will feel as you cross that finish line. Lucky for you, Houston is equipped with just the right balance of running trails, exercise facilities, and other venues to assist in your training along the way.

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