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December 2, 2016 by
Jay Medley
After a corporate fitness course, it is important to stay fueled up and fill your body with foods high in protein. Doing so has many benefits – from decreasing the likelihood of muscle soreness to promoting the growth and health of muscles in general.

You may be wondering, though, what kinds of protein-rich foods you should be ingesting after a tough workout that led to the burning of an abundance of calories and use of much energy.

We have put together a comprehensive and useful guide to which protein-rich foods should be consumed directly after a workout. Take a look here.


Dairy Foods Rich in Protein

There are many dairy edibles rich in protein to consider after a tough workout. Unless you have problems digesting dairy foods or are lactose intolerant, check out the following foods:

Greek yogurt

This is high in protein as well as probiotics, making it an all-around healthy choice.

Be sure you are choosing a natural Greek yogurt and not an artificially flavored one full of sugar for best results.

To make this yummier and healthier, pair with fresh fruit or granola.

Cottage cheese

While this may be an acquired taste, it is certainly one rich in protein. If you do not like the taste of this straight or find it too overwhelming, add it to a salad!

Seafood Foods Rich in Protein

While seafood options are less of a snack and more of a meal, ingesting seafood is a great way to fill your body with the protein it needs and craves after a gym session.

It is also quite delicious! While typical tuna fish from a can gets the job done, you can also indulge in yellow fin tuna, salmon, or halibut to restore protein levels in your body. Sushi bar, anyone?!

Snacks Rich in Protein

If you are on the go after your group rock climbing course, there are easy and quick options to go to to ensure that you don’t miss out on protein.

Here are a few of our best and most convenient ideas:

Beef jerky

This is a yummy option, but be sure to do your research as there are so many varieties out there. Look for one that is MSG and nitrate free for the healthiest option.

Peanut butter

This is very high in protein and can be easily spread onto crackers or eaten with apples or celery for a healthy snack.


Another option in the nut family, these are an easy “grab-and-go” snack that you can pre-pack to eat after your workout.


Vegetables and Grains Rich in Protein

There are a variety of vegetables and grains that act as a high source of protein to help you refuel after a workout. Here are the top picks:


These are delicious to eat on their own, making them perfect for after a gym session.


While first regarded as a trendy new healthy food, quinoa has held its own on the food pyramid. A grain rich in protein, it is versatile enough to be added to almost any meal.

Green peas

The perfect dinner side dish, these are yummy and easy to make. They are also good mixed into a salad!

After your corporate rock climbing course, load up on these delicious and nutritious foods to feel energized and healthier than ever.

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