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December 12, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Holiday shopping season has officially begun – and everywhere you go, that fact is almost painfully obvious. Every store in town boasts decorations and signs, reminding consumers there are only a certain amount of shopping days left until Christmas.

Well, now that your shopping has officially begun, we know it can be tough to decide what to get everyone on your list.

So why not gift your loved ones items that will inspire them to be fit and healthy in the new year? There are so many fun, exciting, and innovative products out there that will promote health and wellness.

And, what gift could better than that? Here are some of our favorite picks this year.

Holiday Gifts that Inspire Fitness

An activity tracker

Activity trackers have been all the rage for a while now, and it doesn’t seem like the trend is going to die down anytime soon!

And, why should it? These trackers are useful and telling about health habits in those who wear them. Finally, they serve as motivating tools that inspire people to move more and, in turn, be more fit.



With so many different wireless headphones out there nowadays, a nice pair is a great accessory for an intense workout. They can really make all the difference as they offer convenience and sound quality.

Listening to music is proven to have a positive impact on your workouts, and there are also so many different podcasts that are fun to listen to while exercising.

Headphones will be much appreciated and will surely inspire further wellness.

A water bottle

Can’t work out if you aren’t well-hydrated, right?!

A sporty, fun, and high quality water bottle is a simple and inexpensive gift that will go a long way. And, it will certainly get a lot of use!

Having a water bottle that is designed to be taken to the gym or to a workout session is the perfect gift to raise someone’s ambition towards being more physically fit and visiting the gym more regularly.


A yoga mat

For someone who loves yoga, a nice yoga mat is the perfect gift. There are so many out there in different designs and quality levels.

Even if the recipient already has one of their own, they can always use a spare. They will appreciate the effort to buy them a gift personalized towards their interests, and this is something that is sure to get an abundance of use.

This could inspire someone who has fallen off the yoga bandwagon to jump back on and to restart their fitness routine.

Instead of getting someone a generic gift that will end up in a closet unused for years to come, give them something that will contribute to their overall well-being.

Especially entering 2017, keeping health top of mind is something that your friends and family will be sure to thank you for for a long time to come.

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