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April 12, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Planning a child’s birthday party can be a lot of work, and there is a lot of pressure to plan activities to keep the party guests occupied. Luckily, rock climbing is a great birthday party option and can take all of the tedious planning and hosting duties away from you so that you can relax and let the kids have a great time!

Rock climbing is a fun activity that many kids probably haven’t tried – but that they will love. It’s a great way to exercise so that the guests will burn off all of their excited energy, plus it fosters a sense of teamwork as the kids cheer each other on as they take turns climbing the wall. The guests will build confidence as they climb walls they didn’t think they could, and they will use their problem-solving skills to find the next hold on their way up the wall.

Texas Rock Gym offers a Pinnacle Party package that makes the party easy and entertaining. There’s no set-up or planning to do – the party room will be decorated and ready for the event when you get there. Parents can stay to watch their children climb or to socialize with each other, but they don’t have to lift a finger!

It’s easy and convenient. To start the party, gym staff will fit party guests with rock climbing gear and hold a Climb Safe class. This will put kids’ minds at ease in case they are nervous about climbing, they will learn that the harness will keep them from falling. Then they will hold a hands-on climbing lesson so that guests will learn the basics. Gym staff will belay the guests so that they can feel secure as they climb.

After the climb, it’s really time to party. Normally, buying, preparing, and transporting the food is one of the most stressful parts of hosting a party. Not with the right package! You get to relax since the gym has The Pinnacle package, which includes either pizza or turkey wraps and juice boxes and water bottles for the guests. The package also includes a decorated cake or cupcakes, so you don’t have to worry about baking or transporting the most important birthday party food!

At the end of the party, every guest gets a goodie bag. That’s right, you don’t have to make the loot bags yourself! The birthday boy or girl doesn’t get left out of the treats: each guest will also sign a gym t-shirt for the birthday child so that they have a memento of the day.

If you’re stressing out over planning a birthday, make it easy for yourself and go with a rock climbing birthday party! Check with your local rock climbing gym for information on their packages, or, if you’re in Houston, check out Texas Rock Gym for the most effortless and entertaining party around!

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