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December 19, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Have you ever seen someone posting a gym selfie and found it to be super annoying or self-centered? Or maybe you thought it was a cry for attention?

Well, even though some people find them to be irritating and unnecessary, gym selfies can actually be good for certain reasons.

While this may seem crazy, here at Texas Rock Gym we are promoting these gym selfies. Keep reading for our explanation of why we think these are a good thing and maybe you will become a gym selfie believer, too!


How Gym Selfies Could be a Good Thing

It’s a good way to get tips

Turning to the people in your personal community for fitness, health, and weight loss tips is a great way to get some new ideas on how to up your game.

Maybe you’re just getting started on your fitness journey or perhaps you’ve reached a plateau and need to change things up a bit.

Whatever it may be, posting a gym selfie on social media could open the dialogue with followers and friends to gather useful and effective tips and tricks you’ve never tried or thought of.

It visually tracks your progress

Taking regular gym selfies can show you your progress along the way of your fitness journey.

How motivating and inspiring it would be to look back on your first selfie and notice the difference that regular gym visits combined with healthy eating habits has made on your overall appearance.

These selfies can show you the evolution of your muscles and how much more toned you have become.

While it is hard to notice progress day by day on your own body, having a visual of the improvements is encouraging. What a satisfying thing to see!


It helps you hold yourself accountable

Broadcasting to the world – or even just your social media followers – that you are on a fitness journey towards a healthier and happier you will help you hold yourself accountable to sticking to it.

After all, showing your friends and family that you are looking to improve yourself can make it more difficult to make excuses to not rise to the occasion, as they will be expecting to see your progress and results.

While it can be easy to fall off the fitness wagon, publicly sharing your selfie and goals can make it easier to stick to it, that is for sure.

It can inspire others

Sharing a gym selfie can inspire others to hit the gym, too. Sometimes we all need a push to put our sneakers on and get our blood pumping, but in the end regularly working out has a large effect on our health.

Sharing your own journey and results with others may just give them the inspiration and motivation they need to work out, too.

So next time you see people taking or posting a gym selfie – don’t judge! Participating in them may just enhance your gym schedule or routine and can inspire those around you.

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