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April 10, 2017 by
Jay Medley
While you may not necessarily attend yoga classes to burn an abundance of calories, doing so is certainly a perk, right? Yoga is definitely more of a meditative exercise where you’re focused on being in-tune with your body, stretching, and making a genuine mind/body connection that can bring a sense of calm.

However, learning how many calories you’re burning when you’re getting your downward dog on can help, especially if you’re on a weight loss plan or looking to increase your metabolism. After all, yoga is a high-intensity workout that doesn’t fail to reach any part of your body.

Read on to learn more about the best types of yoga to burn fat and attain all of yoga’s other benefits, too.

How Many Calories Do You Burn in Yoga Class?

Vinyasa yoga

This genre of the exercise, commonly called “flow yoga” takes the cake for highest amount of calories burned at up to 594 calories in an hour. This type of yoga encompasses constant movement and prides itself on being diverse in movement and exercises. This is a class that’s sure to be intense, so get your muscles ready!

Birkham or “hot” yoga

This type comes in at a close second, helping practitioners to burn up to 477 calories in an hour. This practice is done in a room heated to approximately 105 degrees and is usually longer in length (sometimes up to 90 minutes!).

This activity clearly induces sweating, which results in participants to lose water weight (although it is typically regained once rehydration occurs). This genre of the sport has 26 different postures and two breathing exercises – always practiced in the same order.

This specific class is great to rid your body of toxins and increase your muscles’ flexibility.

Hatha yoga

This type of yoga rates lesser on the scale of calorie burning, coming in at 189 calories each hour. This genre of the sport is more of an umbrella term, referring to simply the physical practice of yoga postures. This encompasses most run-of-the-mill yoga classes that are offered at most gyms or studios.

These classes are great for practitioners of all skill levels, and they possess much movement as well as holding and balance poses. This is more of a relaxed workout that allows gym-goers to become more attuned with their body and to reach a meditative state.

Power yoga

Officially referred to as “ashtanga” yoga, it’s a practice that combines breathing and movement into a series of postures. Because it is cardiovascular as well as meditative focused, it burns up to 351 calories per hour. This features poses and breathing methods that are cyclical and are always done in the same order.

While all types of yoga burn a different amount of calories, it also differs from person to person as everyone possesses different skill and endurance levels. All in all, yoga is a great workout that provides a seemingly endless array benefits besides burning calories.

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