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November 28, 2016 by
Jay Medley
Rock climbing courses are more than just a fun activity to do at a gym. They are far from it, actually – allowing those who participate to reap many benefits.

Especially when encouraging employees to enjoy these team building events together, it creates a bond between participants that will last for a long time to come.

Having employees that have long-lasting, meaningful relationships can benefit your organization in many ways. Take a look at how rock climbing courses facilitate these bonds and why they are important to your business.

How Rock Climbing Courses Form Employee Bonds

They overcome challenges together

These courses are designed to challenge their participants, putting them through something physically and mentally rigorous.

The process of getting to the top and the gratifying feeling they will experience once they reach their goal is not one that will be soon forgotten, and overcoming a challenge with colleagues alongside them is something that will only enhance their bond.

They develop problem-solving skills

Rock climbing courses force employees to work together to beat the challenge. To do so, they need to problem solve to make it to the top.

The courses are designed to be fun, yet challenging, so utilizing problem-solving skills is an absolute must.

Working through complex issues together allows employees to bond and work together as a more cohesive unit, which will translate to a better relationship inside the office and improved problem solving skills on work-related issues as well.


They improve communication skills

Since these courses are challenging and complex, they require communication between teammates as they are being completed.

In fact, it is impossible to reach the top without the effective use of communication.

Teaching employees to communicate and interact more effectively will enhance their personal relationships and also will serve to better their ability to communicate about projects, tasks, and issues inside the office.

Why Better Employee Relationships are Important to Your Business

It improves your office culture and environment

A better environment and culture will do nothing but improve your organization all-around. It will allow for more satisfied and engaged employees, and in turn the productivity and efficiency of your office will improve.

It improves employee retention rates

Employees that possess strong bonds with their co-workers will be happier in their roles and feel a stronger sense of loyalty to your company.

This will make it less likely that they will leave the company for an alternative opportunity, lowering your turnover rates. This will drive down the costs of recruiting and training for your business as a whole.

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