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February 15, 2017 by
Jay Medley
We recently blogged about all of the ways in which being a morning person can enhance our lives, but there is one tricky part associated with that: how to become one. For anyone who loathes mornings and loves to stay snuggled in bed as long as possible, getting up early can be quite the habit to create.

But, it’s certainly not impossible. We have rounded up the best tips to wake up earlier and to make it more bearable once you’re actually up and at ‘em. Take a look at them below.

How to Become a Morning Person

Reward yourself

When you actually manage to get out of bed early and avoid hitting that oh-so-tempting snooze button, reward yourself for working towards your goals. Whether that means having an extra cup of coffee, spending some time reading a good book, or having a chocolate chip muffin with breakfast – take advantage! You deserve it and this system could be useful in helping spur a new healthy habit.

Load up on protein

Because when we sleep our bodies blood sugar levels and metabolism drop to their lowest, it is important to have a breakfast filled with protein to raise your energy levels in the morning. Especially if you’re not used to being up early, you will need this boost. To create a protein-rich meal, get things like eggs or Greek yogurt.

Prep the night before

The less you have to do in the morning (read: chores), the more you’ll want to get up in order to take advantage of the time by doing things you want to do. Lay out your clothes the night before, consider showering before you go to bed, pack your lunch and work bag, and set up the coffee to turn on automatically to make getting up the next day that much easier.

Make your room lighter

The more well-lit your room is in the morning, the easier it will be to get up with the sun. Open your blinds or shades slightly to let sunlight in for a pleasant wake up that will feel less forced and more natural.

Stagger your schedule

You don’t have to become a morning person in the blink of an eye! Try setting your alarm earlier five or ten minutes at a time in order to ease yourself into it. While those few minutes won’t feel like a huge difference from one day to the next, soon they will start adding up and you’ll end up loving the extra time you have each morning.

Drink water when you wake up

After sleeping for six to eight hours, you could be slightly dehydrated, which causes fatigue. Having water as soon as you wake up can help your brain wake up and, thus, will make it easier to get out of bed. Try keeping a fresh water bottle on your nightstand to drink when your alarm goes off.

The start to becoming a morning person is as easy as that! Start making the change today for a more productive and healthy life.

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