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December 15, 2016 by
Jay Medley
For anyone who has ever struggled to get quality sleep, they know the terrible effects that an inadequate amount of rest can have on a person.

The Better Sleep Council recommends that adults between the ages of 19 and 55 get eight hours of sleep per night in order to be well rested, but many individuals are lacking in the snooze department.

79% of Americans stated in a Better Sleep Council survey that they would feel significantly more prepared for the day if they got an extra hour of sleep each night, and interestingly 55% of Americans reported feeling as though they do not have enough time in the day to get everything done.

Astoundingly, almost half of Americans – 49% – stated that they do not think they get enough sleep. As an employer, there are many things you can do to promote a more healthy sleep schedule in your employees.

The Harmful Effects of a Lack of Sleep


First, let’s discuss the harmful effects that a lack of quality sleep can have on an individual.

Insufficient rest can contribute to depression, irritability and moodiness, weight gain, poor critical thinking skills and overall sharpness, heart disease, and diabetes.

Additionally, a lack of sleep has been cited by WebMD to play a role in accidents, causing drowsiness and reducing reaction times.

All of these are bad for the health and wellness of your employees and are something that should be minimized as much as possible.


How to Help

As an employer, there are several ways to help encourage healthy sleep habits in your employees. Here’s how:

Start a sleep challenge

For those with activity trackers, or even just smart phones, it’s easy to keep track of the amount and quality of sleep that individuals are getting on a daily basis.

Start a challenge among your team to see who can get the most sleep over a given period, or offer incentives to employees to get a certain number of nights with eight or more hours of sleep.

Host an information session

Informing your employees on the harmful effects of a poor sleep schedule is the first step in getting them to improve their own habits.

Informing them of facts, figures, and examples is the best way for them to know the heart of the matter and what a large issue it could be.

Try hosting a lunch and learn for them to gain insight into this issue and to motivate them to get more z’s.

Encourage regular exercise

In the National Sleep Foundation’s 2013 survey, those who got regular exercise were the best sleepers.

Provide your employees with a gym membership or make an outing out of a group fitness class or course in order to promote healthier habits and sleep.

Show employees you care about their health and wellness by encouraging healthy sleep habits today.

It can protect against negative effects countless Americans have already experienced. With so many fun ways to promote sufficient sleep, there is no reason not to instill these habits in your office!

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