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March 15, 2017 by
Jay Medley
We recently posted about the different ways that stress is hijacking your health and fitness goals and is overall affecting your body.

As you can tell from reading the article, those effects are not something that you want to deal with or experience. However, the problem seems to be that stress is an inevitable part of our lives that we need to find a way to deal with.

Luckily, there are simple ways to deal with stress that can help to mitigate the risk of it affecting our overall health and wellness. Here are the best ways to do just that and stay on track towards your goals.

How to Overcome Stress and Meet Your Health and Fitness Goals

Create a reliable and repeatable routine

Because stressful situations have a way of interrupting our day to day lives, decision making process, and ability to get done what we set out to do, rooting ourselves in a routine is a great defense against this effect.

Setting a routine of things you do on a day-to-day basis – such as working out, drinking water, packing your lunch, and getting adequate sleep – can help to ensure that even when a curve ball comes your way, you will still stick to your tried and true routine.

Doing these activities at the same time every day will make these things methodical, and so engrained into your system that it is second nature to complete them, despite what else is going on.

Use “if then plans”

This is an extremely simple way to control your emotions and reactions that dictate how you react in a stressful situation, and it generally hacks your emotions in a way that allows you to stay in control of the way you think.

In situations that you know will undoubtedly lead to stress or related feelings – fatigue, irritation, sadness, and so on – these statements allow you to decide how you will reaction.

For instance, you can have more blanket, “if-then” plans – for instance, “if things don’t go as planned today, then I will stay calm and will adjust my day accordingly”.

Or, if there are more specific instances that set you off, you can create statements to go along with those, too: “if my co-worker has an attitude with me today, then I will not let it bother me and will focus on the good of the day”.

Use progress as motivation

Looking back at the progress you’ve already made towards your goals is a great way to help stay on track, even when it’s easy to get derailed due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Reflecting upon accomplishments, even if they seem small, can help you to understand that you are able to meet the challenges that lay ahead with enough prosperity and ambition to overcome them.

Stressful situations can be very hard to overcome, especially when you are in the thick of them. However, using these simple methods can keep you grounded in your goals and will allow you to push forward even when it is easy to let them slip.

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