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April 6, 2016 by
Jay Medley
You’ll often hear that yoga is beneficial to many aspects of your life, but did you know that it can improve your rock climbing? Yoga is a perfect complement to rock climbing as it can improve your flexibility, stability, strength, endurance, and focus. You can prevent injuries, prepare mentally, and make your climbs easier.

Yoga involves lots of stretching, which will improve your flexibility. Being flexible can help with climbing because you may be able to reach for holds that could have otherwise been out of reach. Not only that, but being flexible can help to prevent injuries if you do reach for that too-far hold or make a sudden movement.

You can improve your stability and balance with yoga. By holding poses and working your core muscles, you’ll be more aware of your body and will build the core muscles that will help you to maintain your balance in all situations. This is beneficial in everyday life, but is also beneficial to climbing.

With better balance and lots of practice holding poses, you’ll be more aware of your center of gravity so you can move up the wall more easily. Yoga can also improve your posture by strengthening the muscles that support your spine, helping you to move and balance as the human body is meant to.

Much like with rock climbing, yoga requires you to hold up your own body weight. While it’s up on a wall with rock climbing, yoga requires you to hold yourself up in different poses. Both build muscles, including many that you don’t get to work in other workouts.

Yoga features many poses that include the muscles of the upper body, the core, and the lower body, making it a full-body workout – just like rock climbing.

While rock climbing might look like a strenuous workout from an outsider’s perspective, yoga requires just as much endurance. Holding difficult poses for minutes at a time needs the physical endurance to maintain the pose, but also mental toughness.

Your head needs to be in the game to hold the pose when your muscles want to give up. This is great training for rock climbing, where your muscles may get sore long before you reach the top of a wall.

Yoga is customizable for all fitness levels, so talk to your instructor about how to make the moves more challenging if you’re not feeling the physical and mental burn.

Rock climbing requires focus since you’re always looking for the next hold and how to reach it, there’s no opportunity to think about other issues that may be on your mind.

Yoga can help you to focus since your attention has to go to proper breathing and holding the pose. Speaking of proper breathing, learning to breathe the right way in yoga will help you in rock climbing as well.

Not only will focusing on your breathing help you to clear your mind before a climb, but the big breaths will make sure that your muscles are getting enough oxygen as they work.

Yoga can be beneficial to anyone of any fitness level, but especially so for climbers. So improve your climbing, prevent climbing injuries, and get into the right headspace with yoga.

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