Why Join The Climbing Team?

To Parents Who Want To Develop Well-Rounded Kids Outside of Traditional Competitive Sports

Dear fellow parent,

Don’t we all want to teach our kids that anything is possible? That they can accomplish whatever they want as long as they work hard and take action.

“Every mountain is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

This quote by Barry Finlay describes perfectly the nature of indoor rock climbing. It’s a sport that can teach your kids focus, self-confidence and perseverance. It’s also an excellent after school activity that builds muscle-strength, improves coordination and increases flexibility.

That’s why indoor rock climbing is the hottest trend in America.

Introducing the Youth Climbing Team Program at Texas Rock Gym – a one-of-a-kind extra-curricular, youth-development team program developed specifically for kids aged 7-17. It’s designed to engage the body, mind and spirit while training them for the competitive world of tomorrow.

Every time they strap on the climbing harness and select a new route to climb, they’ll learn valuable lessons that will last a lifetime like problem-solving, common-sense and focus.

Climbing teaches them the secrets of self-improvement while spurring their physical growth and supercharging their ability to think in critical situations.

    • Watch your kid grow physically and mentally stronger in just a few short weeks
    • No more pushing the kids to exercise; they’ll push you to drop them off at the rock gym!
    • Team instructors are all experienced climbers and specialize in coaching youths
    • Practices are for ages 7–17

The Youth Climbing Team Program at Texas Rock Gym is a unique extracurricular activity for kids in Houston.  It develops important life skills every child will need in their adult life. The skills they learn climbing strengthens their personality and helps build character. It’s the best gift you could give your kids — a gift that they will cherish throughout their lives.

Do your kids spend too much time with computer gadgets and video games and too little time with physical activities?

Are you concerned about your kids’ activity levels and physical fitness? You are not alone.Childhood inactivity is the #1 concern of parents in America today (PHIT). In a society where more than 18% of 6–11 years old suffer from obesity, every parent should be concerned about the lifestyle choices that they make for their kids.

An inactive, sedentary lifestyle is your child’s worst enemy.

It can lead to obesity and exposes kids to higher risks of chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and heart-disease, in their adult lives. Lack of physical activity can also affect the child’s mental and psychological development. But, hey, you already know all that!

The real challenge as a parent is how to find the right activity that fits your kid’s unique personality?  One that will get your kids involved and engaged with a sense fun, excitement and achievement. An activity that gives them the opportunity to find new levels of physical and mental balance without the added social and environmental pressures they face at school or highly competitive sports.

That’s why kids and parents love indoor rock climbing!

Are your kids getting enough exercise?

Have your kids lost interest in the regular after school sports?
Most kids aren’t very excited about staying around after school for sports. Many schools that offer sports are so generic and so competitive that the majority of kids feel left out. Every child has his or her unique personality and you can’t try to fit everyone in the same mold.

Do you feel that the sports offered by the school are not right for your kids?
Making it on a team can do wonders for your child’s confidence, but being left out can bring their little universe crushing down. Contact sports also pose greater risks of injury. When it comes to thinking about the well being of your kids, you are the best judge!

Do your kids find football, basketball or baseball too competitive or hard to learn?
Some kids shy away from regular school sports because they fear ridicule by their peers if they fail to perform well. Others might find a particular sport too challenging to even try.

What should you do about it?
Being the parent, you know your kids better than anyone else. You know their personalities, strengths and soft areas. Why push them to play a sport they don’t enjoy when they can climb? It’s something they will love to do every day of the week?

Fact: 99% of the kids that come to TRG for the first time say they love to climb.

Do You Want To See Your Kids Become More Active and Engaged In Physical Fitness?

If your answer is yes, indoor rock climbing is the perfect activity for your kids. It’s healthy, it’s engaging, and it’s “cool”. All sports are good, but very few develop your child’s physical and mental muscle like indoor rock climbing.

Check out these other benefits of indoor rock climbing…

Builds strength and confidence

Climbing improves your child’s overall core strength, as well as strengthening key muscle groups in the arms, back and hips. Climbing builds mental strength through confidence as a climber is challenged continually to overcome fears, and problem solve during the physical activity.

Improves concentration and coordination

Climbing is a lot more than just a physical activity. Your child’s mind must focus, and the body must ultimately depend more on sound technique over raw strength to be successful.

Increases endurance and dexterity

Kids typically climb over 1000 ft per day in our gym. Obviously the endurance to make these moves over and over must be trained by more time on the wall, hence the endurance aspect. As climbers get better at climbing through repetition, they get more dexterity and are able to make more complex moves easier.

Develops better balance

Balance is a huge part of any sport and is only magnified in climbing. Your kid’s ability to position correctly over a point of support and make a movement with the other limbs are critical to success in climbing. This is an organic skill, meaning that just through the practice, balance is improved. Studies show that working on balance stimulates the cognitive and memory functions of the brain tremendously. Many believe that balance work through climbing is not only beneficial to climbing, but beneficial to our overall well being as well.

Elevates physical fitness and self reliance

Climbing strengthens the whole body, and also acts as an anaerobic activity. Top climbers are some of the most fit people you will ever meet, often times needing to pack heavy amounts of gear up into mountain ranges at altitude to practice our sport. It’s a sport every kid can benefit from.

Encourages teamwork and cooperation

Climbers don’t work alone. We learn to trust each other to keep us safer, and we learn that we can be trusted to watch out for our teammates. From mutual safety checks, to planning excursions, and catching us when we fall, we learn that the person climbing is only half of the team. Belaying and belay skills are just as important to successful climbing.

Doesn’t climbing sound good? Now, let’s try and answer a few questions you might have…

Here are a few things that might be on your mind:

Is Rock Climbing dangerous?

Some might think rock climbing may be a sport for daredevils. Indoor rock climbing at TRG perfect for everyone because we focus on safety constantly. We check our climbing walls, safety gear, and belaying equipment very meticulously. The instructors are qualified and safety trained and we have a spotless five-year safety record.

What makes the Youth Climbing Team program special?

For the last five years, Texas Rock Gym has served the community by putting a safe, modern and family-oriented indoor rock climbing gym within easy access for all kids and young adults. We are the experts in teaching kids how to climb and conquer mountains. We have trained more than 100,000 climbers to scale our walls with confidence.

What are the hours of the program?

Monday – Thursday

Junior & Senior Team Practice:  4pm – 6pm

Senior & Elite Team Practice:  6pm – 8pm

Friday-Night Mixed Practice:  6pm – 8pm.  All team members welcome.

Are pick and drop off services available?

At this point, the gym doesn’t offer pick and drop off services. Other parents have successfully formed carpooling groups in the past to help with transportation.

What will my kids do in the Youth Climbing Team?

Junior Team: This team is all about having fun, being active, and making friends while working on becoming a better climber.  It’s perfect for those who are newer or just starting out.  Kids will be taught the fundamentals of good climbing technique and encouraged to practice in a fun, relaxed, exciting group atmosphere.  Great for kids of all ages, but especially fun for those under 11. The goal is more about establishing a love of climbing and encouraging a passion to get better with their technique so climbing becomes second nature. Each practice consists of lessons and climbing-specific exercises presented as fun climbing games in order to keep practices exciting and interesting. PRACTICE M-Th 4-6pm ONLY.
*New members must start out on the Junior team to learn the fundamentals and be evaluated by a coach.

Senior Team:  The Senior Team is geared for those kids who shown our coaches that they are serious about climbing and want to start progressing in the sport. They have the passion, excitement, and determination required to become a better athlete. Practices are more structured. Workouts are more challenging. They know the fundamentals. They need the right environment for greater individual progress.  On the Senior Team, there is more emphasis on focus, team encouragement, and individual discipline.  These kids really want to advance their climbing skills both physically and mentally.  Senior team members can attend the early or later practice, whichever suits their schedule better. PRACTICE M-TH 4-6pm or 6-8pm

Elite Team: The Elite team is only for hand-selected climbers who are dedicated and experienced.  They are prepared to train specifically on what it takes to seriously advance in climbing. Elite team members are expected to climb on their own in addition to practice.  They are encouraged, but not required, to compete in local and regional competitions in order evaluate their progress. Climbers on the elite team must have a rock-solid (pun intended) grasp on climbing techniques and movements.  They expected (and required) to show discipline, responsibility, leadership, and teamwork while practicing in the gym.  PRACTICE M-Th 6-8pm

*Moving from Junior to Senior or Elite is by coaches recommendation only. If your child feels that they are ready to move to the next level, you can make an appointment with a coach or the program director to discuss the next move. You can contact the program director by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

Oh, but what if my kid gets tired!

No worries. Our instructors are experts at training young climbers. They understand your child’s limitations and potential. There are frequent breathers and breaks during which students can chat with each other, lie around, or nibble at the snacks that you’ve packed for them. Trust me, a tired kid is a happy kid.

What does the Youth Climbing Team membership cost?

We want to make our Youth Climbing Team affordable so we have rates starting as low as $105 per month for once a week. That works out to about 10 hours of quality time at the gym per month. Or $15 per hour. That’s less than most people spend eating out or going to the movies.

2 sessions per week: $180/month EFT

3 Month PrePay: $495

Fridays Only: $105/month

Additional information: Each team member will receive full Texas Rock Gym membership with all amenities (unlimited climbing, 2 guest passes per month, yoga, etc), a team shirt, dedicated practices with seasoned climbers, gear to use during practice, and opportunities for climbing in other gyms, outdoors, and in competitions.

All dues will be paid on the 10th of each month via our AutoDraft program. Cancellations must be submitted via the TRG website at least 5 business days before billing cycle. 20% discount for additional siblings.

Sign up at the front desk.

We host a Mixed-Practice on Friday Nights for all team members from 6-8pm.  This is great for parents who might be interested in dropping their kids off for some ‘climbing time’ while they get to have some ‘adult time’.  (We call this date night for the parents.) There are several great restaurants in the area.

What if our kids don’t like the Youth Climbing Team?

With Texas Rock Gym you get our unique “Great Time Guarantee” when you join our Youth Climbing Team. The first 2 practices are FREE, so your child can come to practice, try it out, and decide for themselves if the climbing team is the right fit.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 713-973-ROCK (7625) or fill out the form below.