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December 15, 2016 by
Jay Medley
For anyone who is an avid gym-goer, it’s no secret that there are certain fitness accessories and common items that you just cannot go without. Anything that makes your exercise routine easier, your body happier, and your life more simple is always a good thing, after all.

With that being said, we have rounded up a list of the top ten workout accessories to invest in in order to ramp up your workout routine. Here they are.


Top 8 Gym Bag Musts

A water bottle

This goes without saying. You can’t workout effectively without staying hydrated. Be sure to grab a water bottle – preferably one that is BPA free and is double-walled to reduce condensation – for your workout.

A towel

A workout towel is another no-brainer. Because you are bound to sweat, you’ll want to have one to keep dry.

A headband

Particularly for those with long hair, this will be your best friend at the gym. There’s nothing worse than sweaty hair in your face during an intense workout.

It totally messes up your flow and can be an uncomfortable nuisance. To ensure that it stays out of your face, keep a headband in your gym bag.



A good pair of headphones that will not be constantly falling out of your ears is another gym-going must.

When you are in the middle of getting your daily dose of exercise, listening to your favorite playlist or an intriguing podcast can actually make you workout harder, and in turn make the time more effective.

Headphones that deliver crystal-clear sound will make your gym visits that much better and that much more useful as well.

A smartphone holder

Since so many of us use our smartphones to listen to music or audio during our fitness routines, an arm strap that securely holds our phones makes it more convenient.

Since your phone will be “locked” in, too, it makes it less tempting to be on your phone constantly checking email or social media accounts, allowing us to focus solely on what we came for – a workout.


While this seems obvious, it’s a small detail that can easily be forgotten!

To stay fresh during a sweaty workout, deodorant is an absolute must. Make sure to throw an extra in your bag so that you are never left without it.

Anti-chafe gel

There is nothing worse than chafing during a visit to the gym. It is uncomfortable and annoying, and to be honest – downright painful.

Throw some anti-chafing gel in your bag just in case you need it. For when it’s a problem, you will be extremely happy to have it.


Again – this applies to those with long hair. But, if you have ever ended up at the gym without one, you know what a dire situation it is.

Always keep a few in your bag, as they are easy to lose or have a tendency to snap once they become worn.

Don’t get caught at the gym without these must-have items. Make your life easier and pre-stock your gym bag with all the necessities and never end up in a pickle, allowing you to focus on your fitness.

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