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December 13, 2016 by
Jay Medley
As we wrote about in a recent post, most people are not getting the recommended 5 to 9 servings of fruits and veggies per day.

While we gave you some tips on how to easily increase your intake to meet this daily goal, we wanted to also share with you our favorite local places to buy organic fruits and veggies.

Here at Texas Rock Gym we care about your health and wellness overall, so we aim to provide you with the best local resources to stay as healthy and happy as possible.

Local Houston Farmers Markets

Rice University Farmers Market

Rice University hosts a weekly farmers market, rain or shine, on Tuesdays from 3:30-6:30pm. Visit the market to find local and organic food and goods that are healthy and promote local vendors.

As an added plus, parking is free!

Urban Harvest

This is an organization that sells locally produced vegetables, fruits, farm products, dairy products, prepared foods, cut flowers and plants at their year-round farmers markets.

These markets take place on Saturdays at Eastside Farmers Market or Wednesdays at City Hall Farmers Market.

These take place rain or shine and please note that due to a city ordinance, dogs are not permitted at the markets.

On their website, a shopper is quoted raving about the market:

“In addition to a great selection of organic vegetables and fruits, excellent Indian food, meats, breads, crepes, breakfast tacos, coffee, and the best eggs in Christendom, you get the added benefit of a wonderful variety of faces, many familiar (regulars) and many new ones each week. There is no better place to drop by on Saturday mornings.” Check it out this week!


The Woodland’s Farmer Market at Grogan’s Mill

Open Saturday from 8:00am to noon, this market showcases different items and vendors on a weekly basis. To learn what they will have each week, you can sign up for a newsletter that is sent out each Friday.

It should be noted that all profits from the market are returned to the community through the Grogan’s Mill Village Association’s philanthropic programs, which includes local scholarships.

Eating healthy and doing good for the community…what could be better?!

Tomball Farmers Market

This farmers market works with local families to provide organic and fresh products to the community. It was started in 2008 by two moms, and has since grown to accommodate 60 vendors each week.

This market takes place on Saturdays, but see their website for their schedule to note any upcoming closings due to holidays.


Eating healthy is an important part of your wellness, and doing it through organic, high quality food is important, too.

If you can do all of that while supporting local vendors and enhancing the wellbeing of the community, why not do it?!

After all farmers markets are a fun way to spend a part of your day and it can lead to finding new and exciting products and meeting other members of the community.

Attend one today to enhance your health, up your fruit and veggie intake, and to have fun!

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