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January 13, 2017 by
Jay Medley
While 45% of Americans annually make new year’s resolutions, only a mere 8% will fulfill those promises they made to themselves by the end of 2017.

The most common and repeated resolution is to lose weight in the new year, one that is oftentimes forgotten about before January has even come to a close.

In order to help the people of Houston keep their health and fitness resolutions this winter and to meet their individual goals we have compiled a list of our favorite spots for people to get in shape and lose the weight in the new year. Check out our list below.

Places to Help You to Lose Weight in Houston in 2017


Completing a workout class at this venue is sure to make you sore, but that is the best way to see results! NiaMoves uses dance moves to encourage fitness and health.

This is a hollistic health center that uses alternate practices you may not find other places, so it’s also a great spot to learn more about that field.


Pretty Haute Fitness

This venue offers unique classes that pack some serious punch when it comes to help getting you in shape. They have something for everyone!

Founded by a pair of professional drummers, these classes use weighted sticks to combine drumming and strength training to give you a serious workout.

They also use some stellar music to get you motivated, as you could have guessed.

Hardcore Pilates

If you love pilates, you may not have ever taken it to the next level with intense classes like these. This is another venue that focuses on holistic health who combines different workout techniques with pilates to increase the intensity and effect.

For instance, spinlates combines spinning and pilates, or boxlates combines boxing and pilates. We love the different class options at this spot and the fast-paced nature of all the classes.

While you’ll certainly be working hard at these classes, the time is bound to pass in the blink of an eye.


Texas Rock Gym

Whether you are looking for something to increase your fitness with more adventure or a more traditional workout, Texas Rock Gym has got you covered.

Come in to enjoy a rock climbing course with family and friends to not only get in shape, but to stretch your mind mentally, enhance your communication skills, and feel a huge sense of accomplishment once you reach the top.

If you’re looking for something more low key and traditional, we offer great yoga courses with professionally trained instructors. No matter which workout you prefer, these will help whip you into shape and will aid in the pound flying off your body in the new year.

While keeping yourself motivated to reach your resolutions can be tough, doing a variety of workout routines can spice it up just enough to make it easier.

In 2017, do what you can to reach your goals, feel more confident, and love the body that you are in!

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