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January 13, 2017 by
Jay Medley
We recently posted about the benefits of kicking off 2017 with a fad diet, but as with everything in life, there are downsides to be considered before you commit to doing one.

Fad diets are usually highly popular, whether it be for a long or brief period of time, and involve a highly restrictive diet that puts a laundry list of foods off limits while you are participating in it.

Take a look at the top reasons we found that you should steer clear of these fad diets in the new year and just in general, too.


The Downsides of Starting the Year with a Fad Diet

You may regain the weight back quickly

Even if you make a pact to stick to a fad diet for a set amount of time – say a month – you could end up just regaining the weight once you are done with the diet.

Since these diets are typically pretty limiting in terms of what you can eat, once you go back to eating “normal” food, even if it’s a normal diet that is not high in junk food intake, you could just end up gaining weight back, which would be discouraging.

In fact, the American Council on Exercise notes that usually one-third of all weight lost with a diet is regained within one year and most is regained within three to five years.

It could be less than nutritious

Fad diets aren’t always as nutritiously sound as you may think. This is because, often times, they cut out an entire food group. This could lead to your body being deprived of certain vitamins and nutrients it needs to remain as healthy as possible.

Many fad diets don’t encourage exercise

Believe it or not, many of these trendy diets do not encourage exercise and make you think that dieting alone is enough to stay healthy.

Fitness is an important element when it comes to living a healthy life, and unfortunately completing a fad diet may discourage you from regular workouts.

They could cause binging

Because these diets are so restrictive, they could result in a large binge after the diet concludes.

Such a strict diet could be cause for intense cravings and when you eventually decide to go off the plan, you may be inspired to gorge yourself on junk food rather than eat it in moderation, which is much healthier.

They can be hard to stick to

As we’ve mentioned, fad diets typically place a large limit on what you can actually eat. Because of that, they can be difficult to stick to.

As we said, this method could spur large cravings and it could even be hard and inconvenient to work around the specifications of the diet.


The bottom line after weighing the pros and cons of these popular diets is that you have to decide what is right for you. Depending on your own habits and situation, you need to assess whether a fad diet could be a great start for you or may just lead to more harm than good.

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